Thursday, October 9, 2014

Where Are All The Balloons You Ask??

Directly over our rigs this morning!!  Since we have the day off, we got to sleep in to all of 6:00 am before gathering up our cameras and heading outside to catch the dawn patrol.  Fifteen minutes later the Mass Ascension took place ... and we had a ringside seat!!
There are so many pictures, I won't go into detail, except to say the day started out with this cloud sitting on top of the East Mountains.  The following puffy white clouds make for some great pictures!

These three bees are family members.  Dad flys the blue shoes, mom the red and their son the smaller of the three since he is paralyzed and in a wheelchair.  You'll see him below!!

 My all time new favorite!!!!
 Elvis stopped by for a visit ...

See ... Pigs CAN fly ...

This was the only balloon to drop into the concrete canal behind our rigs, touch the water and float up again.

This is the smaller bee ... the one I mentioned above.  See how his basket is really a chair??  He's sitting on his propane tank.  This entire setup was designed by him so he could fly!!

So that's it for today ... there are over 700 balloons here and you've just seen a few!!  If you want to attend next year, just contact the Boomers group of Escapees.  Yes we have to dry camp, but you can get water delivered if you need it and your tanks can be pumped for around $25.  It's a sight you don't want to miss!!


  1. Nancy, enjoying your pictures. Brings back many memories as a bystander, not a crew member. I attended the Festival twice and it seems this year with your special shapes pictures, there are a lot more interesting special shapes. It is unbelievable what people can do to make the special shapes outstanding. Thank you for sharing. Lynn Cross

  2. I crewed my first time there for "Off the Wall". The upside down Humpty Dumpty. Then 3 other times for the Strawberry. He doesn't come there anymore.

    1. I saw Humpty for the first time Thursday. Some great imaginations designed these balloons!!!