Saturday, October 25, 2014

And You Thought LED's For Your RIG Were Expensive!!

Has anyone retrofitted their motorhome with the new LED lights??  I know they are pretty expensive!!  Thank goodness my rig, with it's fifteen lights in the main living area alone, came equipped with LEDs.  It definitely helps extend the life of the household batteries when you have a regular fridge.  Just before I left, I changed out most of my home lights for CFL's (whatever that means).  All I know is they light up pretty slowly and were NOT cheap, but they were supposed to last 5 years.  All but two burned out.  When I got to Lowes to purchase more, the new LED's were on the shelves.  Averaging between $8 and $13 each, I figured I would start the replacement process, since I had to buy bulbs anyway.  THESE are supposed to last 22 years!!  Do you seriously think that's going to happen???  I have a bridge I want to sell you ... or better yet, a house in California!!  At the very least, I hope to reduce my already low PG&E bill.  I'm a lot more conservative at home than I am on the road.  I just HATE giving money to a company that pays their top guys millions, then declares bankruptcy.

At any rate, if you think those lights for your rig are expensive ... this little bunch here cost me $143.00 !!!!!  HOWEVER, I should never have to buy another light in my lifetime!!!  Right???
Actually, when I turned on the lights over my counter, they were VERY bright.  Nice!!!  Since I couldn't find any of the Halloween pumpkin decorations I was looking for anywhere else, I finally stopped in at Walmart.  They had nothing ... except cake mix and cupcake decorations!!  Okay, that will do.  Guess I'll worry about Thanksgiving next month!!  And no, I don't know what the heck this thing in the middle is ... maybe a rat ... an owl ... a scared dog??  It was on the website!!
These creature stick-ons are gummy treats.  I was looking for black plastic spiders ... I know there are several on my garage floor from years past, but I was looking for clean ones.  After four stores, I gave up looking!!
These are my favorites!!  Maybe boyfriend Slim would like three or four.  He can stand the extra pounds!!  I simply couldn't turn down the eyes, also gummy treats!!  There's nothing like a green eyeball staring at you while you eat your cupcake!!
About 4:30 pm the UPS truck rolled up my driveway.  I know because the dogs go ballistic!!  They dropped off a HUGE heavy box.  I had no idea what it might be ... what the heck did I order NOW????  I'm pretty sure I cancelled that order for the small Bradley Smoker!!  As I pulled out the packing sheet, I started jumping up and down!!!  It's HERE!!!  Unfortunately, my readers will have to wait until tomorrow to see the neatest treasure yet!!  You know when I'm home it's hard to find interesting things to write about ... except when people are shooting each other ... so I'll wait until tomorrow for the big reveal!!


  1. Yep, the wooden wagon.


  2. Nancy, how many cupcakes did you make and what are you going to do with the ones that Slim doesn't eat? Jim

    1. Jim, I made two dozen!! Many more than I require ... they mostly get donated to my sweet-tooth friends, but I always stick a few in the freezer. They are perfect when I just HAVE to have sweets ... it makes Halloween last for about six months!!!