Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Just A Little Teaser!!

It's a beautiful 60 degrees inside and out ... making my fingers not work very well on the keys!!  This is where we are parked, all facing the landing field.  This morning ELEVEN balloons flew over, which you'll get to see tomorrow!!  The Rainbow Riders will give anyone a ride for $250, and those with bucket lists are getting one more checkmark!!  Actually this isn't my first experience with balloons.  In the town where I live, there was one pilot who gave rides, and I crewed for him on several occasions.  It's fun, but hard work ... and safety is always foremost!!
Early yesterday the Fiji came by ... the only one in the air.  Once I enlarged the image, I could see they also were giving rides.  
I guess I better dig out my telephoto lens!!!
Here are just a few of the balloons that will be flying this week.  They post these on Facebook and welcome the pilots as they sign in.  
In case you were wondering, it's not easy to be a balloon pilot.  It is FAA regulated ... just like being an airplane pilot.  They are all certified to fly, must keep log books and their equipment must be inspected.
Here's a cutie ... Santa Claus and his reindeer getting a little lift!!
Then there are the special shape balloons!!  This is just a teaser of what is to come!!  Tomorrow I'll show you all the balloons that passed overhead this morning!
I spent yesterday checking out a beautiful yarn store and found a quilt store at their back door with more Southwest fabric than I've ever seen!!  I got a comfortable pair of boots to protect my broken toe from the cactus and rocks when crewing and another pair of levis.  Wearing the same pair for two weeks wasn't a good option!!

Groceries were also on the list ... this being a Boomers (Escapees) get together, there is happy hour with lots of appetizers for maybe 80 people!!  That doesn't count the potluck!!!

Tomorrow morning we go to a crew meeting, sign all the required forms and hook up with the balloon pilots, then happy hour followed by dinner!!  I hope crewing for these guys will include lots of running to work off some of this food!! 

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