Sunday, October 26, 2014


How did you guess???  I knew Barbara and Tom would know immediately!!  It's about the only purchase they haven't seen on the blog!!!  It's  B E A U T I F U L!!!!  It took me all of 10 seconds to rip open the box, but from there, things went a little slower.  They pack this puppy so well to make sure there is no damage, that it takes a little tape-cutting to get it out of the box.  The box was a little worse for wear, but the wagon is perfect!!
Originally this business made cars ... the Wisco car to be exact, but it sold for over $900, so Henry Ford quickly put them out of the car manufacturing business.   Naturally, they went into kids toys .. ???  Here are some of the oldest they have been able to find.   
How do they know they are the oldest??  Because each and every wagon has a plaque with a number on it.  They can trace this number back to the date it was made and who it was sold too.  How cool is that??
See the axles and braces?  All of these metal parts are cut and shaped by hand on 100 year old pieces of equipment. 
This is Nate ... he spends hours designing jigs to make the cuts.  Previously, they cut everything freehand!!  Now they don't have to do so much sanding!!  They both sand, lacquer the parts and paint the names
Kirk assembles all the parts and pieces, then boxes it up for shipping.
All I had to do was unpack it, slip some washers and wheels on the axles and secure them with a cotter pin.  Lastly, I snapped on the hubcaps ... or rather hammered them on with my hand, since I didn't have a rubber mallet!!
The handle was an easy install ... just bolt it on.  Isn't she beautiful???  I'm ready to hit the nearby overpass to see how fast she can go!!!  Surprisingly, it's pretty heavy, but boy does it pull nice!  Those Wisconsin ball bearings are just like glass, making for an easy pull!!  I should just SCREAM downhill in this baby!!
Of course you can't have a wagon without sideboards to keep stuff from falling out ... like your grandkids.  Well not mine, since I don't have any ... and they won't keep ME from falling out because I don't fit in the first place!!  They are just cool ... and include two small latches at the top to keep them snug!!  I wonder if Cooper will fit??
And the BEST part of all ... they will put your name on the back ... or whatever name you want, AND they will paint it any color, or just leave it the natural brown color.
I'm so happy to finally get my wagon!!  If you want one, just go on-line and place your order.  You will probably have to wait awhile however.  They get pretty busy towards Christmas!!  There are three or four different wagon sizes, and they make other toys, including rocking horses.  They are not cheap, or cheaply made ... hand crafted with such care never is.  I guarantee however, that it WILL last you a lifetime ... probably two or three lifetimes, providing your grand children and great grandchildren with years of fun!!  

Come on Cooper and Jessie ... lets go for a ride!!!


  1. Good Morning,
    I love your wagon I would love to have one. But I have no place for it. I remember your visit.


    1. Jim I just love that these guy are keeping a dying art alive in a tiny old warehouse space in Wisconsin.