Thursday, August 26, 2021

Fruitful and Draining

This is what I see every day, many TIMES a day.  This kid!!!  He places the ball on the coffee table, then pushes it towards me with his nose.  If I ignore it, he barks until I bounce the ball off the table so he can catch it mid air, which he's really good at by the way.  Cooper truly keeps me going and going and going.  He's much worse than the Energizer Bunny!  It's pretty draining by the end of the day.

We had another glorious full moon a couple days ago.  It's called the Sturgeon Moon.  Why you ask (or not)?  Because August of every year during the full moon is when the giant sturgeon were readily caught in the Great Lakes.  Others call it the Fledgling Moon since that's when most baby birds leave their nest.  Come to think of it, that's when the baby hummer flew away.

Just for fun, I made it appear over the Cemetery in Tombstone.  It would probably appear a little more natural if I could remember how to do all that stuff in Photoshop ... make entirely new images out of six old ones.  Is it just me or does the moon look exactly like the last one a few months ago?

It was definitely fruitful for the bats last night, as I again forgot to bring in the hummingbird feeder after three days.  It's amazing that they seem to come back every night just to check, because they never miss a meal if I forget to bring it in.

Completely scary in my opinion .... vampire bats and all, or at the very least they all carry rabies, right?  Least that's what my Dad told me when warning I should never EVER touch one.  My parents were so good at scaring us kids.

The critter cam was definitely fruitful after several nights of seeing only moths flying around and an occasional rabbit.  It's weird the light in this one.  The camera couldn't decide how much light there was.

I love how they lay down on their front legs to drink.  There's five seconds between videos, so she had her fill.  What a beauty!!  I'm so blessed to have them around my house.

It was also a fruitful day at the Vac N Sew.  I've actually been stalking a longarm for some time on the internet.  The good ones go for $30,000-40,000.  Yeah, you read that right.  But since I'm not going into business full time in a renovated 1800's building turned into a fabric shop, I elected to go cheaper.  Believe me, they are STILL not cheap.  Adding in the computer that makes all those gorgeous patterns happen, doubles the price.

I probably would have put it off even longer, but I was told the prices were going up.  Just to double check, I called a supplier near Phoenix, and sure enough the rumors were true.  Buy it now or add $2-3,000 more.  They have become so popular that this store sold EIGHT this month alone.  High sales make the price go up.

Yes I could buy used, but it's like buying a used car.  You never really know what you are getting.  My dad always said to buy the best you could afford ... preferably with a warranty.  I can hear him in my head saying that all the time.

I came home and completely reorganized my sewing room before discovering it won't fit.  It will have to live in the living room.  That's okay because only a small table lives there at the moment.  I knew there was a reason I couldn't figure out what furniture to buy!!

So I'm very excited, but will have to contain it all until December.  My services are required at Bingo for the next couple of months.  Yessirree ... we're almost back to hair-pulling-screaming-fighting-on-the-floor BINGO!!!!


  1. When is the "Want to purchase a Quilt" button going to show up on your blog??? I think you would have a sucker, I mean a buyer, with us! lol

    With Indy it is her "chew stick" (Natural Rawhide Chips – Processed Without Additives Or Chemicals - cut to the size of a beef jerky) She LOVES for us to toss into the air so she can try to catch it...then play tug-of-war as we try to get it away from her for another toss into the air.

    1. That's not a bad idea! I could probably unload a few quilts. I couldn't charge much though ... I would make them very inexpensive. The Halloween quilt might even be FREE!!!
      That's Cooper's m.o. The chase game is his favorite!

  2. Replies
    1. Hahaha Elva ..... I have to admit it can get exciting sometimes!!

  3. A wonderful photo of the bat.

    1. Isn't that cool? It certainly shows the entire body. They are just so weird looking!