Friday, March 16, 2018

Take A Hike and Company

This is my big beautiful back yard.  I don't often hike through it since there are no trails other than game trails, which are pretty much on the small side for me.  Trying to clear a trail from here to there can be rather prickly.  It's just not going to happen without WAY too many cactus needle sticks.
It did allow me to get a little closer to the trains.  When I heard this one coming, I tried to get up close and personal, but the spikes on these small scrub trees are over an inch long.  OUCH!!
I found lots of animal tracks, including coyote and javelinas ... and I found many very healthy fishhook cactus.  Perfect for Indian sewing needles, these babies are stiff as a board and SHARP!
With all the rain lately, many have begun to bloom.
The ocotillo are leafing out magnificently, all of which are causing me sneezing fits every morning.  Didn't they used to send people to the dry desert to get RID of allergies?
Not the best of images, but this beautiful hummer sat in this tree for several minutes posing for me.  He was VERY far away, but even so, his plumage totally stood out.  They all look black until you see them in the sunshine.
An hour or so later, it looked like this with more rain clouds coming in.  
That's when the Westerfields came to see my new place.  Full timers for many years now, Barbara and Tom are the ones who took me under their wing as we drove to Maine and back.  As usual, I was too busy talking to take pictures, so here's one of Barbara and I in Albuquerque.  Unfortunately, all my other pictures are on the other computer at home.  :-(
They brought some great smoked salmon snacks and I picked up a pizza, which we took to the Chance house.  Time flies when you're having fun and in no time I had to leave.  The puppies haven't been quite up to par, meaning I really didn't want to clean my couch AGAIN!!  Yeah, that was a mess!!

Our beautiful weather has chilled down again, with clouds and rain in the forecast.  I think I'll spend the day watching movies Barbara brought for me and snuggle with the puppies.  


  1. What a nice hike to the train , and a wonderful visit with friends, nice to catch up again.

    1. I'm only taking after you George ... you hike every morning!!

  2. Be careful hiking out there but be persistent as I know you can be! Maybe some chaps to protect your legs? :) A gal like you must have a pair or two!
    The trains fascinate us, you have such a great view.
    Cute pix of you and Barbara even though it isn't recent. Nice to visit with special friends. Enjoy the movies!

    1. Tall boots are the name of the game. VERY tall boots!! They keep you from the thorns and the snakes.

  3. My goodness, your "back yard" is knock-your-socks-off stunning. The pic under the hummer with the rain clouds coming in is utterly glorious.

    Is that the same track that the Sunset Limited travels? If so, I may have passed by your house once about 8 yrs ago, but as I recall we got into Tucson at night, so I didn't get to see this!

    Seriously, that's an honest-to-goodness gem of a property you managed to score there. I'm just in awe.

    1. Yup ... same tracks. And the same trains keep me awake some nights ... but I truly love it here.

  4. You will be able to tell from my comments I am, as usual, playing catch up. Glad to read the puppies were okay wasn't sure after reading the title.
    I always love it when I step outside in the morning and the whole sky is a beautiful pink. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures.
    Your Paris Quilt is very pretty.
    How great to catch the bobcat in some pictures; she is beautiful. Amazing sunset picture.
    What a lovely hummingbird. You have one great backyard and that is a nice picture of the train. I especially love your picture of the storm clouds. How nice to have a special friends visit.

    1. Thank you Deb ... it just amazes me every morning how pink the sky gets. I'm a very lucky gal to be here!!