Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A Little Of This, A Little Of That

I'm off early this morning to visit my favorite Old West Town .... Tombstone.  I'm having photography withdrawal, so it's time.

I tromped off to the fabric store yesterday and picked up the backing for this quilt, normally $16.99 a yard and found another backing piece for $19.99 a yard.  Pretty crazy, right?  It's 108" fabric instead of the normal 45" and I also took along all my coupons, saving a whopping $35 on those two pieces.  

Probably the hardest quilt I've ever made, this one has been a bear.  Every square has five pieces in it, meaning there's ten seams to get straight.  UGH ... not to mention the panel in the middle isn't printed straight in the first place.  It's a work in progress and will take some trimming here and there.
After yesterday's blog, I received a text message from Ray and Cindy Warner, RV friends who have a house in Yuma.  He knew exactly what my dilemma was with the slipping ruler since he cuts most of Cindy's quilts.  

Cindy makes amazing quilts out of postage stamp sized pieces that Ray quilts when they are back in Utah.  Get some of these True Grips he said ... little dots that stick to the back of the ruler and keep it from sliding around.  MUCH less expensive than my new ruler, these will work perfect on the one I have in California.
Another quick tip I picked up from the Quilting Group.  This stuff will help keep your dogs teeth clean so you don't have to take out a second mortgage on your house to pay for doggy dental work.  You can brush it on if you want, or just rub it on with your finger.  Cooper and Jessie didn't mind it at all.  I still have to have their teeth cleaned, but I'm hoping not as often.
Also at the Quilt Club, besides Patty's posole, we had angle food cake and berries.  YUM!!  So I picked some up at a local store, gave them a light dusting of sugar and was ready to enjoy.  Except I couldn't find any angel food cake.  

With my Instant Pot handy and all the ingredients in the fridge (rather unusual for me) I whipped up a batch of flan with berries on top.  It looks good, but was not a good idea.  Don't do this.  The berries totally overwhelmed the flan, which I couldn't taste at all.

That probably wasn't a bad thing, since I left them in the pot entirely too long (I was into sewing that darn quilt).  I'll try another one today and see if it's any better.  Maybe I'll have to try two.
So I'm off to sing at the Bird Cage Theater with the ghosts of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday.  I have some old pictures and am hoping I can get in the same location for a current day image.  


  1. A rednecks simple solution ,,,Spray The floor with Contact cement,,, lay the cloth on the floor it won't slide and it ain't going no where
    Or you could stretch it out on the floor,,,and nail it to the new floor
    The nail holes will give it that old Used beat up look
    O you're not a redneck sorry
    So here's your sign
    Is this stuff any good.

    1. Yup that's the stuff. Much better than holes in the floor!! LOL

  2. Nice tip from Ray and Cindy, should do the trick for you.
    Now enjoy Tombstone and looking for lots pdf new pictures. The bird cage theatre is always a fun place as well, much different now than the old days, lol... Then of our BNK's for more fun.

    1. Tombstone is always fun. It's even more authentic since they put gravel on Allen Street.

  3. This blogger thing is great, eh? Lots of tips we pick up. I of course like the one for doggie's teeth. Clem's breath is so bad and he won't eat the bone marrow that we bought for him. Have you tried that? Buy it from a butchers or even ask at the grocery meat counter. I get them cut into maybe 1" pieces and freeze them. They are a great way for them to 'self clean' their teeth.
    Have fun at Tombstone!

    1. Never tried bone marrow. Hopefully this stuff will give Clemson minty fresh breath!!

  4. We always enjoy Tombstone. It is one of Tom's favorite visits. He has done the ghost tour at the Bird Cage. Enjoy your visit, looking forward to the pictures.
    The Paris Quilt looks wonderful.
    I will have to look into those dots. Even though I do not quilt I still use that straight edge for cuts on other projects. Not having it slip would be wonderful.

    1. I want to do the ghost tour ... but will have to take my rig and stay there. Sounds like a lot of fun!

      Check out the dots ... Ray says they really work!!