Thursday, March 15, 2018

Here Kitty Kitty!!

I've always lived out in the country where critters abound, but with the influx of refugees from around the world, my little California piece of heaven was completely cleaned of animals.  The people arriving were never taught that private property is private.  They hunted and fished animals into non-existence.

You can't blame them, it's how they survived in their country and no one bothered to tell them different when they came here.  Where we once saw packs of coyotes every day, now there are none.  Where we watched in awe the red fox and her babies, now there are none.  In Arizona, it's a different story.

If you look around, you would never think there were critters here.  You've seen the coyote butt, now look at what came to visit two days ago.  Here kitty kitty!!  I'm always tuned to movement near my back yard, no matter how slight.  Look what I found standing in the brush at the edge of my fence.  Can you see her?
I quickly grabbed my camera and slowly moved towards the glass door.  Not wanting to scare her off, I shot these through the glass.  Isn't she a beauty?  This is Mrs. Bobcat who raises her kittens in the big wash behind my house.
Dan saw her first last month when he was outside during the floor construction.  He called Patty, but Kitty was gone in a flash.
Always vigilant, she almost stopped for an instant before heading on up the hill looking for lunch.  Not the best pictures, since it all took place in about ten seconds.  I'm very happy to see her in such good shape.  Maybe she will even stop by with her babies one day.
I always thank the Lord for letting me see his amazing critters, and what better way to end the day than with another gorgeous sunset!!
Yesterday, we drove to Phoenix to see the Golden Goose.  Miss Patty said it wasn't that far, but I'm sure ten more minutes on that road would have landed us in the biggest city in Arizona.  That's tomorrow's story because today I having more company!!  How can I be so lucky!!


  1. Love your pictures of Mrs. Bobcat, such a beautiful kitty, would be so cool to see her babies as well. Another reason you want to keep an eye on your puppies so they do not become her lunch.

    1. Exactly! It seems the carnivores come around between 10 and noon, during which time I try NOT to let the puppies out!!

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  3. Your pictures of the Kitty are great! Thank you for sharing. I hope she introduces you to her babies as well. Cooper and Jessie would want to chase her, I'm sure! Good plan to keep them your vigilance. :) Lovely sunset too!