Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Food Gods!!!

Did you ever try to cook or bake something you saw on a television show that looked absolutely delicious?  I have ... LOTS of times, but the Food Gods have not smiled fondly on me, more like they frowned through slits of eyes with brows almost touching!!  I think I USED to be a good cook ... but I have discovered that is something you have to work at every day.  Cooking for one happens once a week, resulting in 6 days of mostly not-so-good leftovers.  The talent just seems to disappear.  Over the years, the Food Gods have forgotten I exist.  The garbage collector, however, knows my house by the smell of discarded tasteless tidbits.

Two days ago I watched a new program on French food.  Not something I ever entertained as edible, but the simple things she created looked easy ... least they made it LOOK easy ... and in the smallest kitchen, maybe 6 feet wide.  Surely I can accomplish the same, so off I went to the store to gather the ingredients.

First up, Croque Madam.  No not croke, as in how you feel when you eat my food, but croque ... meaning grilled cheese of some sort.  It is buttered bread, ham, dijon béchamel sauce (the white stuff that makes up your macaroni and cheese) egg and cheese.  Put together in a muffin tin and baked, it looks like this.
YAY!!!  The Food Gods know I exist again!  It actually came out so good I had two for dinner.  Really, it's a breakfast item ... but I like mixing things up.  Being true to my photography background, here's a picture of the gooey egg coming out of the middle.  It was quick, it was easy, it was FRENCH and it was GOOD!!!  What more could I ask for?
Since I'm on a roll, I decided to test a crock-pot dessert for this months trip to Chico with an Escapees group.  Apple Brown Betty couldn't be easier.  Mix up good stuff like cinnamon, sugar, bread and butter, pour over cut up apples and turn it on.   Another triumph!!!  A scoop of ice cream would have made it even nicer.

Deciding to test the limits of the Food Gods, I found the recipe for "To Die For Blueberry Muffins".  Every Sunday we go skiing, my buddy stops at Starbucks for the blueberry muffins.  Maybe .. possibly ... if I breathe just right ... I might be able to duplicate them.  I ate the first one hot out of the oven.  I'm in heaven ... the Food Gods are shining brightly on my house today!!  They actually are exceptional muffins!!  I can't wait to see what my buddy thinks.  
Thank you Food Gods for making my day and shining on my RV friends who are going to be subjected to these delights!!!  Please don't go very far away ... I have several more test recipes and my garbage can is full!!!

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