Thursday, March 28, 2013

Alaska Logistics!!

For those that have spent summers workcamping, leaving your home for an extended period of time is probably no big deal.  With two horses, three dogs, one parrot and a saltwater fish tank, the logistics are rather overwhelming for me.  Thankfully, I have someone who will live in my house while I'm gone, but there are logistics to that too!!!  I have a list of things to purchase that will stay, a list of things to purchase that will go, a list of RV checks to make before I leave, a list of clothes to take, a list of camera gear to take, a list of food to get for the animals ... the lists are never ending!!

Little things like hay for the horses, dog food, fish food, spraying the weeds, finishing the mulch replacement ... seems like I never get the list completely scratched off.  I did get the camera list completed however ....  along with a fisheye lens, I now have three camera bags.  That should do it!!
It was then that I decided to check a few things on-line just out of curiosity.  I already figured my fuel economy and that I actually traveled a total of 4-1/2 hours at an average speed of 50mph (mostly freeway driving).  At Google Maps, I got directions from my town to Anchorage Alaska.  It's over 3,000 miles, not including all the side jaunts we will be taking.  Driving about 5 hours per day, that equates to 12 days just getting there!!  That surprised me!!  After guestimating fuel and park fees, I'm up to $8,000.  People have assured me this is LOW and doesn't include broken windows and flat tires!!!  No matter ... I'm going ... but plan on keeping all my receipts to see what it actually costs.

In the non-shopping hours, I've been knitting some scarves, getting in practice for the hours on the trip when we won't be sightseeing or driving.
I tried to get Cooper to model for me, but he wasn't very cooperative!!
Just remembered another list item ... make sure the sprinkler system is working correctly ... which it isn't.  One zone isn't working at all.  Back to my lists .......

Happy Trails ...

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