Sunday, March 17, 2013

Get Your Green On!!!!

It's Saint Patricks Day ... get your green on or you will get pinched!!  Actually I can't remember the last time I got pinched, green or not!!  While a lot of people are having corned beef and cabbage along with a beer or two, I'm having salad and water as a prelude to the huge pot-lucks soon to take place in Chico.  At least the salad is green!!!  Happy St. Patricks Day!

I've been packing for the coming weeks adventures ... cameras, summer clothes, winter clothes, dog treats and people food.  Every time I made the trek out to the motorhome, I cringed at how dirty it was.  I kept saying I was going to the local truck wash, but hadn't made it yet.  No use putting it off.  I grabbed the new velcro-attached cleaning brush, bucket and water hose and suited up for combat.

The new handy dandy cleaning brush (purchased at FMCA Indio) really didn't do the job.  You know which one it was ... they had the biggest display!!  I guess it would be great if you had a totally flat sided rig, but with all the bumps from the slide-outs, trim and the awnings, this cleaning tool was a dud.  Mostly it was too wide to fit in between any of the raised areas and no matter how tight I turned the knob, it wouldn't stay put.  The good part about it was the velcro that held the fancy towel to dry the upper reaches without a ladder.  It also had a squeegee that worked well, again if you have a flat-sided rig.   It's useable for the big areas, but I'll be looking for a better one for my rig.

One half done ... and I'm done too.  My thought was I would finish it today.  The other side is in the sun, and you know how hard water, sun and black paint don't work well together.
About 6:00 however, the sun was behind the trees, and with another hour of daylight due to daylight savings time, I went back out and finished the job.  She's mighty pretty now!!!

The hardest thing to wash is the wheels.  Who designed these lug nut covers??  Barely enough room to get your fingers in, let alone a rag to wash them ... all the while squatting down trying not to sit in the water.  I know, I need a rolling chair ... add that to the list!!  So now she has pretty shiny wheels too!!  I heard someone say they waxed the rims.  Can you suggest a kind of wax I might use?  Not that I plan on spending hours waxing .... but if it keeps them cleaner longer, I would be a happy camper!!
Totally off the subject ... in between times of packing, washing and list-making, I've started ANOTHER project ... I think this one is pretty too!!!
So folks ... have a little Kansas sheep dip at your local lush crib but don't kick up a row!!
Happy Trails .....

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