Saturday, March 9, 2013

Photo Phix!!!

It's been awhile since I've done any photography, so today I headed out to an orchard alongside the freeway.  Spring has sprung in the Central Valley resulting in showy almond and peach trees putting on their best displays of the year.  Even with two days of rain, the blossoms are amazing!!
All along the highway are waves of yellow and orange flowers, which I thought were poppies.  Originally planted by the State when they rerouted this part of the road, they have spread to surrounding fields.  Turns out they are some type of daisy.
I was followed a couple of times by local suspicious farmers, but once they saw my camera, they drove away.  I try hard not to trespass, but sometimes to get the right image, you have to tread a little farther off the road.

Being springtime, there are many bees in the orchards, pollinating away and making yummy honey.  Terribly aggravating when they hit your windshield, but their boxes make nice images.  I have never seem any this colorful before.

I ended up at the Federal Game Refuge not far from my house.  Although a little late in the year, there are still quite a few birds left.  This snow-looking stuff is actually geese.  
Finally the sun and the clouds both came out for a beautiful image of the refuge.  Millions of birds migrate here every year.  I definitely think I need to come back with my long range lens.
Happy Trails until we meet again .....


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