Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Think I Finally Get It!!

Not all RV groups are alike.  I didn't get that in the beginning when I started this motorhome journey.  I thought everyone was all about going places, seeing things and doing everything imaginable.  Not so, and I finally get it.

Today started with breakfast in the clubhouse, followed at 9:00 by the peeling of 20 pounds of potatoes for the Mulligan Stew planned for dinner.  Shortly after, I disappeared for a couple of hours to return to the Bidwell House.  I really wanted a better image of the exterior.
On my trip to the mansion, I passed by Boot Barn where I had a $30 coupon to spend.  Not a problem, I whipped around the corner, walked in and 15 minutes later walked out with this beauty, including a matching wallet.  SCORE!!!
Okay, back to the group.  There was the marshmallow-tower contest, guess how many pretzels contest, the gourmet (baby) food contest ... are you getting the picture??  For the next three hours I worked on a jigsaw puzzle.  People come and go, but someone is always bent over the table looking for that special piece.  Just before munchie hour, we finished this big one.
Every day we have had munchies at 4:00 ... serious munchies, followed by huge potluck dinners.  Lucky for them I haven't had to cook yet.  I did whip up some Hawaiian Kielbasa slices and got rave reviews.  A first for me!!!  And then ANOTHER puzzle ... with missing pieces.
An hour later came dinner ... the stew was excellent, followed by 7 cakes and pies.  I have to say for once I showed great restraint!!  Dinner was followed by 5 different card games.  That's when it dawned on me.  This particular group is into food and card games.  They don't sight-see, they don't photograph and they don't explore beyond the ten feet of grass in front of their RV.  I finally get it!!!  Even though I'm much more active and want to check out every museum and park around, the truth is that they are  a very nice group of people who will help you with anything you need and are pleased to have you attend their rally.  As long as they don't insist I actually cook something, we'll get along fine!!

It's supposed to be a toad strangler tonight ....  Happy Trails .....

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