Monday, March 11, 2013

A Little Charity Goes A Long Way!!

Being a part of the Elks organization, you are asked to volunteer for LOTS of things.  On the other hand, I have also been given tickets to various dinner events.  This was the case Saturday night.  One of the organizations Elks Bingo supports in our town is Love INC.  They provide every kind of service imaginable for people in need, from beds and food to jobs and financial training (family budgeting, balancing your checkbook, managing your money).  I have donated many blankets for children and the homeless, as well as delivering an twin bed to a young mother with a beautiful 4 year old daughter who was sleeping on the floor.  The little girl was so excited when we put the bed in the living room where she would sleep that she jumped on the bed, laid down and pretended to be asleep.  It made me cry!!  So over the years, I've been happy to help this organization.  

Saturday was their annual benefit dinner/auction that I have not previously attended.  Since the Elks had purchased two tables, when I was offered a ticket, I jumped at the chance.  They said to bring my checkbook!!!  Dinner was BBQ chicken and some of the best tri-tip I've had in a long time.  I joined almost 500 people in the buffet line.  Pretty good turnout for such a small town.  Around the outside walls were tables and tables of silent auction items.  Cakes and pies went for $100 or more ... our table bought one for $200 and promptly scarfed it down.  When that was over, the regular auction began.  It was heartwarming to see perfectly normal people bidding $90 for a gallon of milk!!!  Pretty crazy also, but it goes for a great cause!!  Weekend vacation home trips, DJ for a day on a radio station, jewelry ... some amazing things went up on the auction block.

Now you KNOW when I saw the two quilts on the stage, that I was just biding my time.  I had recently looked at the prices of a few patchworks and had an idea what my high bid would be.  I never got there ... but I DID get the quilt!!!   I'm sooooo excited ... it is the perfect fit and color for my motorhome bed and will provide a little more "warm" for the Alaska trip!!
Another great day of spring day of skiing on Sunday resulted in a pulled muscle in my leg ... ugh!!  Oh well, a couple days on the couch resting up from the time change won't hurt me!!  I did find a couple more images from the Saturday shoot .....

Happy Trails .....................

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