Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Note From Bob Tiffin!!

I think I've written in the past about my experience with Tiffin regarding my Phaeton motorhome.  I've received excellent service at every turn from them, even so far as sending a rep to my door where he spent the day helping me get the California DMV smog approval.

Another problem I have recently encountered is the DEF tank location.  I went back to the T&A travel center to check out the DEF pump and see how I might be able to fill my motorhome tank. With a little wrangling I might be able to pull into the second bay and pull the hose around.  The problem with that becomes the fact that I am then taking up TWO lanes (the DEF pump uses the same pump as lane #1) endearing me even MORE to the truckers who can't get fuel.  To make it even worse, T&A says I have to have a FUEL card ... debit and credit cards do not work for them.  The answer to my question of how I get one was ... "I don't know".  Okay then ...... guess T&A won't be getting any business from me.

Back home, I sent a quick e-mail to Tiffin ... asking that it be forwarded on to Bob.  I detailed the problem of $8.00 per gallon for DEF fluid you can purchase in the box, versus the $2.00 per gallon price at the tank, including the fact that the service stations hadn't even bothered to ask Bob on what side he and Freightliner would place the tanks.  Low and behold, I received a response from Bob today, saying Freightliner was moving the location of the tanks to the left side.  Unfortunately that doesn't help me, but I was impressed that he (or someone using his name) bothered to respond.  I still have the problem however .......

A surprise came in the mail to distract me from DEF ... an early birthday present!!  Miss Patty and her hubby Dan work the Tucson Rodeo every year, and while there met up with a local artist who makes beaded hatbands ... the perfect accessory for my old time Beaver cowboy hat.
More things to take care of before the big trip ... much as I LOVE my motorcycle, I haven't had time to ride, nor have I been able to find a riding partner.  The girl I purchased it from has been bugging me for the last year, to PLEASE sell it back to her and she has finally come up with the money.  Knowing it needed air in the tires, fuel in the tank and a battery charge, I set out to get it in shape.  Tires .. check!  Fuel .. check!  Battery ... NOT!  Today I'm off to the bike shop for a new one, which her husband will install for the ride to the bank tomorrow.  They want pictures and the pink slip ... I want a big check.  That's one more thing scratched off my pre-trip list!!  I'm sad about selling it ... it has always been one of the things I wanted to do, but this bike felt like it was someone elses ... I was afraid I might damage it in some way.  At any rate, I'm sad to see it go.
Yup ... I'm still knitting and crocheting.  I'm going to have enough blankets to keep EVERYONE warm on this trip.  Here's my very first knitting project!!  Don't look too close or you will see all the mistakes.  I ripped it out four times, hoping that starting over would make it error free, but no such luck.  It was a learning experience and a great daily lesson in memory and working the old gray matter.  Who would have thought THAT!!  This 8 hour project took me 48 ... but no matter, I learned enough to be off and running!!
Lots more to do and only four weeks to go ..... counting down!!!

Happy Trails ... don't let that muley run you wild!!

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