Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pack and Repack!!!

Two of my least favorite things to do, along with second guessing myself about what to take and what to leave!!  I'm heading out soon for the biggest RV adventure of my life .... ALASKA!!!  Like the old west pioneers, I may be dropping significant stuff along the trailside in order to brave the elements and lighten the load.  I've heard "pack for summer" and "pack for winter", so I'm taking both!!!

Since my two dogs Jessie and Cooper are going, I've tried to somewhat measure out the dog food, fully aware that it's a total shot in the dark!  The parrot Jonathan is a completely different story, as he has to have specially baked biscuits with lots of fruit and some hard boiled egg.  Nothing worse than a picky bird!!  As for the seed, I just bought all they had and stashed it in the belly of the beast.  After the first disastrous trip with Jonathan, this one will make or break him!!!  Today I'm taking all the canned food from the upper shelves and placing it closer to the floor.  I just don't want to take a chance of something crashing to the floor or hurting the dogs.  Next up, weed and bug spray ... oh, and cleaning the house. Ugh!!

Upon our return, I'm planning a two week stay in Hawaii to rest up from the vacation adventure, followed by 10 days in the jungles of Costa Rica with the snakes and howler monkeys.  Miss Patty chartered this one and I figured she needed a body guard!!!  Not some beautiful elegant place like Greece or Paris .... but down and dirty Costa Rica!!!  I can't wait!!!!!

Back to my checklist .... I'm getting behind, so it's back to work!!!

Happy Trails ....

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