Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Neighbors!!!

My new neighbors pulled in yesterday afternoon and I'm sooooo excited!  This signals the start of my biggest RV adventure to date.   After a few phone calls, we scheduled out the next four days before we head off to Grass Valley for the Golden Spike Rally.   I'm all about old west gold mining towns, and it sounds like Dan and Betsy have set up an exciting outing.  There will be lots of visiting, a little baking and more preparations on my part before we leave ... I'm counting down the hours!!!
One of the irritating problems I have is finding DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) for my RV.  New EPA standards require recently built diesel engines to carry this fluid, which is sprayed into the exhaust to reduce oxides of nitrogen to water and harmless nitrogen.  WHATEVER!!!  All I know is that if I run out, the engine quits.  With no access to the service station fluid (wrong side of the RV) I'm looking for alternatives.

Thanks to Dan, we actually found some boxes at my local Walmart yesterday ... what RV'er goes anywhere without a stop at Walmart!!!  $11.97 per gallon but they only had two.  A stop at every Walmart between here and Canada should afford me enough to make it through Alaska!!
The next few days will be busy ones so I know they will pass by fast ... which is good because I'm ready to hit the trail!!!

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