Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Heart is Hurting ....

Sad news .... my baby horse Remy had to be put down today.  I bought him when he was two years old as a Reined Cow Horse Futurity prospect.  He could spin on a dime so fast he made me dizzy.  He turned 22 years old this month.

The Vet said we can't determine how, but at some point he got a bone infection in his left hind leg sesamoid bone.  Last July/August we went through 30 antibiotic pills a day for 60 days, as well as pain meds.  In September/October, we did it again because the x-rays appeared to show the infection was improving.  Last week, he began limping badly again.  After more x-rays and more meds, I took him in today for additional tests.  It was bad news ... the infection was much much worse than we imagined ... even surgery was not an option.  He cannot even walk without pain, and when we trotted him around, he wouldn't put his hoof down.   The prognosis, from excellent to good to bad, wasn't even on the chart and there is no alternative.

I'll miss him tremendously .... he was my baby!!!

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