Thursday, September 14, 2023

This One ... She's An Angel


It was a beautiful blue sky morning.  I didn't have much time to think about it ... it took me an hour to get ready and head out the door to the chiropractor's office.  

I was pretty sure this wasn't going to end well.  This is a new office I've never been to before, and my back was so bad, I didn't really think SHE could fix it.  I drove over in my truck because it's easier to get in to, and hobbled through the door.

It's more like a Doctor's office.  That's weird.  I got weighed, height checked, blood pressure ... the whole enchilada.  Then the Doc appeared.  Kami Saechao is her name.  She ran me through a range of motion test.  

The diagnosis was short and sweet.  Your rib is completely twisted, causing most all of the vertebrae in your back to be completely out of place.  OH GOOD!!  She also stated that is the most painful thing there is.  Yeah, I pretty much knew that part.


I really wasn't quite sure what that was, but I said yes to every single suggestion she had.  They started out with TENS ... a nerve stimulation treatment.  I told her to keep it on the low side, not wanting to come out looking like I stuck my finger in a light socket.  The really hard part was getting on this drop table in the first place.

While that was going on, she put a huge VERY warm pillow on my back.  Ooooooh .... that's quite nice.  After about 15 minutes, I finally relaxed my back without pain.  

Next, to my surprise, they took all that stuff off and began with some kind of massage therapy thing.  I was sure that would result in the feeling of being stabbed with a knife, but surprisingly, it didn't.  I think I'll come back just to do the therapy again.  It was the first time in 9 days I could relax and not hurt.  BUT ... I knew what was coming!!


Here it comes!!!!  The Doc came back in and hit me with a huge vibrator that shook my insides and loosened up all my bones.  Then she said take in a deep breath and let it out.  I gritted my teeth.  

CRACK!!  For an instant there, I thought I would probably die.  It hurt SO bad!!!  Oh yeah she said ... that was the rib.

AGAIN she said.  I tried to relax, but it was useless.  CRACK!!  I'm pretty sure I died with that one!  It felt like she stuck her hand all the way through my back and touched the table. 

LAST TIME!!!  OMG you're doing it again?  Okay she said ... you're all back in place.  Can you get up?  Not only no, but HEQQ no!!  It took me a couple of minutes to slide off the side of the table to the floor, then hang on for dear life and stand up.  I took a deep breath.

Hey ... it doesn't hurt much at all.  I didn't even realize I had not been able to take a deep breath all this time.  

Just to be sure it didn't come apart again, she taped up my back from top to bottom.  That support felt really good.  Ice it she said ... about every hour ... and I will see you on Saturday.  Don't lift anything, don't twist or reach for anything ... just sit quietly.  That was an easy order to follow since I didn't want to ever feel that much pain again!

I didn't even want to take a chance on cooking, so I stopped by KFC for lunch and dinner.  It was such a treat to sit at the counter and not be in pain.

This morning my back is VERY sore.  Not painful so to speak, just sore like I got kicked by Jack the mule.  There will be more ice today, keeping me cool as a cucumber as I watch the Pendleton Rodeo.  Now I'm not the least bit bothered by all the crap laying on every single table in my house.  I just don't care ... my back is back, having been fixed by an Angel, and I don't ever want to go there again.  As Elva said, sometimes it takes a WOMAN!!


  1. Yay your back is doing better. Hang in there kiddo you got this!

  2. In every profession, there is one out of a hundred that are really good at what they do. Good to hear you found that one.
    Now you can think about getting a horse to keep you in shape. :O) bobseyes

    1. Hahaha you may just be right Bob. Riding those horses certainly did keep me in MUCH better shape than I am now.

  3. Woohoo! Happy to hear you are on the mend. Perhaps a shot of Pendleton as you watch the rodeo will help the healing.

  4. You'll need to make it a 'thing' to see this Chiropractor on a regular basis!

    1. Yes sir! Especially when I'm doing something like moving a house!

  5. I remember my chiropractor would tell me to relax. I always replied...this is as relaxed as I can get. The relaxation procedures she used sound amazing.

    1. Yeah ... relax! Pretty hard to do when you're in such excruciating pain!!

  6. That Table looks familiar. A well-trained Chiropractor is a blessing in disguise.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the relief.

    It's about time.

  7. Feel better every day!