Monday, September 25, 2023


Okay my friends ..... you know exactly what the title of this blog means!!  I got up late this morning, having been up at 2:00 am.  Nothing can wake you up faster than your puppy throwing up on the bed.  Ugh!!  That was a lovely mess to clean up. 

So I was up a little later than normal.  First thing, Cooper has to go outside.  If you've ever dealt with what I had to deal with in the past, you barely open the door ... then take a BIG breath in through your nose.  The nose KNOWS!

NOOOOOOOOOOO ..... there it was ... that lovely odor of eau-de-stinky.  Big sigh!!!  Don't tell me they are back!!!!!  This is one of the videos from two years ago.  There's nothing I like seeing LESS than something black and white in my back yard.

And so the big safari hunt is ON!!  I'll be setting the game cameras up tonight.  The trap will be sure to follow.

As to yesterday, it was an absolutely perfect weather day.  Sunny yet cool for most of it.  Long, because there's nothing worse than a nice day for unloading and organizing when you can't unload or organize.  I did take my wagon out to the rig once ......

And filled it up with not too heavy stuff.  I found all the quilts that were waiting for binding.  Most of the boxes were too heavy to lift.  

I know all that binding material is around here somewhere, but sadly, it's stuffed into one of the big boxes that weigh in at around 20 pounds each.  I guess it's going to stay there for a while longer.  I'm not one to baby my back, but I don't want to set off anything that would put me back two or three weeks.

I finally pulled out this little box and emptied it on the table.  WOOHOO ... ONE BOX DOWN!!  You know how you just throw stuff in when you're in a hurry and don't pay attention to what you're doing?  This box was full of the next quilt, all cut out and ready to sew.  Trouble is, there's no pattern in the box.  

I looked around for every pattern I could find.  Nothing rings a bell and nothing matches the pieces I cut.  I can't even remember WHAT it was going to be.  RATS!!!  I must have wasted two hours trying to figure it out and NOTHING.  Getting old sucks!!!  

Never give up ... maybe it will come to me in the middle of the night.  In the meantime, I cut out this binding, set up my ironing board in the bathroom (no room here) and started sewing ... you know, just to see if my back could take it.  Amazingly, my back felt better after the first 30 minutes.  

Now I'm on the couch hand sewing.  As long as I don't twist or turn, I barely feel that rib.  YAY I'm on the mend!!!  Even the exercises don't hurt.  Bill was right ... those exercises are helping!

And so this morning I will don my skunk hunting apparel ... shorts and cowboy boots ... and head out to the back forty to see what I can see.  It's possible that they are just at the neighbor's property.  I'm praying for small miracles!!


  1. Yikes those dang skunks are a royal pain!
    Becareful not to get sprayed!

    1. I am MORE than careful, since I did get sprayed once on the ranch. It only takes once!

  2. I thought maybe your title meant your back went out again. A skunk? Although menacing, my odds are on you!

    1. It's true ... I have fought the skunk battle and won!

  3. Since my sister had a visitor while we were up in Cromberg, I worry each and every morning. Arny swares he found the weak spot in the fence and mended it, but ...

  4. I hate smelling skunks. Pepee le pew is mi friend, especially to those of us with puppies.

    1. You have your share of them too. If only our pups weren't so curious!