Monday, September 11, 2023


Remember this?  I'm sure you all do.  Please make sure your children and grandchildren remember it too. So many people lost their lives for nothing!!  Never forget.

Remember the building burning while people jumped ... some hanging on to the outside trying to survive ... some falling to their death.  Never forget.

Firemen and first responders gave their lives trying to save as many people as possible, crushed when this building toppled over.  Never forget.

The Pentagon was also hit.  It might have been worse except for a plane load of heroes who overtook the hijackers in one plane, causing it to crash to the ground, killing everyone onboard, but saving so many more.  Never forget.

So why show all this carnage on this day?  Because thanks to the Open Border Policy of this current government, at least two terrorists cells have been located in the U.S.  Yessiree ... they just walked across the border with the intent of doing this once again.  Maybe they'll do it in your town next time.  

This is what I saw when I visited New York a couple months after the attack.  You cannot imagine the steel pieces eight inches thick, twisted up like pretzels.  Parts of stairways were hanging in mid air, stairways I knew someone had tried to run down to save their life.  The devastation was beyond belief.  

All these pictures came from Associated Press and ABC News ... back when they actually reported the true news ... and not just what someone decided you should hear.  They prided themselves on reporting exactly what they saw .... terrorists trying to take down our country.

So say a little prayer today for all those lost lives, all those heroes who died trying to save lives and all those heroes who DID save lives.  And ......



  1. A powerful message today and I know I will never forget the TV coverage of 9/11. The one time I watched this country pull together.
    Thanks for your honesty Nancy so many things need to be said !

    1. It was one of the scariest and saddest things I've watched. You are right ... it made this country pull together. Now they work at splitting the nation apart and total control.

    2. You are so correct in your last sentence.

  2. I'll never forget. I still have PTSD, however, what I have learned in these years past is not what I would've believed back on that day. We have been lied to. Look for yourselves: 9/11 thermite, controlled demolition, Pentagon had missing trillions, took out the office with the records, no plane parts there or at the other site on the ground. Paradise, CA, Maui, HI ............... Our government is not to be trusted. Iraq, Afganistan, Syria, the list is longer and now the Ukraine war we're paying for. For What?! For who? Wake up dear people, I implore you, Please.

    1. Sorry forgot the most important. Insurance.
      Larry Silverstein is a Jewish American businessman from New York. Larry obtained a 99 year lease on the entire world trade center complex on 24 July, 2001. The nearly worthless trade towers, should point out due to them being filled with asbestos that needed removal; a process that would have produced a cost that would have rivaled the cost of the lease itself. Larry explains his reason for purchasing the towers as “I felt a compelling urge to own them.” Is this a believable reason coming from a supposed successful businessman? Larry had breakfast in “Windows on the World” restaurant (located in North Tower 107th Floor) every single morning. Larry was absent from this routine meeting on the morning of September the 11th. Larry's two offspring, who also worked in the WTC, also conveniently decided to take the day off. Either the Silverstein family is clairvoyant, or then knew exactly what was going down that day. Take your pick.
      Larry Silverstein scored more than $4.5 Billion in insurance money as a result of the destruction of his complex. Silverstein was personal friends with key player in Zionist controlled media Rupert Murdoch, former Israeli president & infamous Zionist war criminal Ariel Sharon, as well as Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

    2. There are lots of theories about what's been happening, but sadly, there's no proof. As to Paradise California, they have admitted it was PGE's lack of maintenance and downed power lines that caused that fire. I would agree with that one. We just have to keep our eyes open.


  3. I cried while reading your message.
    Never ever forget!

    1. It's sad Frances. Seeing the destruction in person was very emotional and hard to imagine.

  4. A good message today. I had to call my son on that morning, soon after it all happened. We both cried as it was/is his birthday. He asked me what I would remember first, 9/11 or him. ♥ Broke my heart. He is first in my heart but I sure do remember and will never forget.

    1. Happy Birthday to Patrick. I'm pretty sure that's what I would remember first!!

  5. Mr. Ed Said Even so it was a very terrible accident that was planned by outside terrors. And a very sad day for America’s Please do not put conspiracy theories in there do a fact-check With the truth.

    The fact is, only one of the 19 9/11 hijackers came to the U.S. on a student visa, according to the 9/11 Commission Report. That one was Hani Hanjour, a Saudi Arabian terrorist who piloted the plane that was flown into the Pentagon, according to a 2004 staff report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States. In his student visa application, Hanjour provided paperwork showing that he was enrolled in an English as a second language program in Oakland, Calif., but he never attended after arriving in America (a fact that would draw scrutiny today). He did not, however, overstay his student visa.

    Of the other 18 9/11 hijackers, 14 came to the United States on six-month tourist visas and four came on business visas, according to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States. Once in the U.S., two of the hijack pilots applied to have their immigration status changed to vocational student, but neither used such a visa on their subsequent re-entry into the country.
    So, as you see, these are the facts, they did not come over through any illegal border crossings

    1. Ed, I think you should re-read what Nancy wrote. She said that under CURRENT Administration's Open Border that two terrorist cells have been uncovered. A subtle warning that something like 9/11 might happen again.

    2. You’re right Dave I’ll be glad to retract my post. Unfortunately I can’t because as anonymous it doesn’t allow me to. I’ll just add it this way when you talk about border crossings. … Past or present administration Title 8 and title 42 and encounters speak for themselves…
      It was widely believed that the 911 terrorist cross the Mexican or Canadian border into the US
      Mainly through the Mexican border Your 2 terrorist Groups are probably among the 60+ already In the US
      I be glad to retract my Posted statement but then I also would like to-add this for your FYI And if this doesn’t scare you nothing well. and if this doesn’t scare you nothing well
      As of 2023 60+ terrorist groups designated by the US State Department as Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs), as well as an additional 10 non-designated, self-proclaimed branches and affiliates of the Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham (ISIS) FTO. The information provided includes details on each cited group's history, goals, leadership, organization, areas of operation, tactics, weapons, size, and sources of support.
      ? Now, if you look at the past administration and the current administration numbers, your statement doesn’t make sense
      Border crossing apprehensions Figures from 2017 to 2023 YTD
      Total CBP Enforcement Actions
      Numbers below reflect Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 - FY 2023.
      Fiscal Year 2023 runs October 01, 2022 - September 30, 2023.

      ( PS I can’t add the chart because it won’t fit in this format)

      CBP total enforcement
      FY 17 , 526,901
      FY 18, 680 ,3178
      FY 19. 1,148024
      FY 20. 646,822
      FY 21. 1,956,519
      FY. 22. 2,276,582
      FT 23. 2,556,164
      1 Beginning in March FY20, OFO Encounters statistics include both Title 8 Inadmissibles and Title 42 Expulsions. To learn more, visit Title-8-and-Title-42-Statistics. Inadmissibles refers to individuals encountered at ports of entry who are seeking lawful admission into the United States but are determined to be inadmissible, individuals presenting themselves to seek humanitarian protection under our laws, and individuals who withdraw an application for admission and return to their countries of origin within a short timeframe.
      2 Beginning in March FY20, USBP Encounters statistics include both Title 8 Apprehensions and Title 42 Expulsions. To learn more, visit Title-8-and-Title-42-Statistics. Apprehensions refers to the physical control or temporary detainment of a person who is not lawfully in the U.S. which may or may not result in an arrest.

    3. "a very terrible accident". Not only is your description of the terror attack extremely flawed, but you missed Nancy's point regarding this administrations open border policies. If there is another terrorist attack that results in American deaths, and it can be traced back to an open border, Biden and all of his minions should be tried for murder!

    4. In previous administrations, at least MOST of the people were stopped at the border. Yes there have been lots of people turned away, but that doesn't account for the thousands upon thousands that have just walked across (or swam across) with no border interaction at all. Or maybe the terrorists were some of the ones loaded up in buses provided by Biden and hauled all across the U.S. That should make everyone feel safe, yes?

  6. I remember watching the towers fall as I watched the TV in my office at the Library...staff and patrons coming in and out to watch too. I thought, "We are going to have to kick some A$$ now." Over the next 10-15 years I was disillusioned and realized we were not in a 'WAR' that the leaders really wanted to win. Yes, took out some terrorist and, did not fix the problem.

    1. You are right Dave ... we are in a war, but the leaders seem to want us to lose. I'm sure there were some very much deserving people who came across the border for a better life. I'm betting there were MORE who came across for destruction and mayhem ... and drugs. Most every other country protects their borders ... except the U.S.

  7. Also one of the hijackers learned to fly in Prescott,Az.
    Was terrible watching and not believing it could/did happen.
    I worked about a mile from Sky Harbor Airport......very quiet with no plane in the air.

    1. And all that time, no one had any idea what was in the works. Pretty scary! I'm praying it never happens again, but with the current administration, I'm not holding my breath.

  8. | Dan C , let’s put it this way. There’s no way to really describe 911 other than horrific in a dark day for the US
    My personal opinion I’m not a fan of the border numbers from either administration and it’s a known fact that both Administrator Past and present had an have (it’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t) issues.
    Now so here’s my question from 2017 to 2020.
    Yes, I realize some of the numbers are low for the past administration because of Covid
    But If the numbers are correct, the past administration, total enforcement
    And again, if the numbers are correct on the present administration, total enforcement
    Numbers were taken from the CBP total enforcement
    How can you explain the high numbers of apprehensions? From the present administration
    If the 60,000 customs /Border patrol Agents were not doing their job. The numbers would reflect that.

    As for terrorist cells in the US are concerned HLS Have Identified 60+ already in the US Dating (not counting the homegrown ones )(that’s on a different list ) back long before Past and present administrations