Wednesday, September 27, 2023


It was a nice quiet morning and Mr. Cooper and I enjoyed the COOL.  Fall is definitely here.  I almost had to put on a long sleeve shirt and my cozy slippers.  I don't think it even got over 85 degrees, and the expected high for the next few days is 75.  WOOHOO!!!  Pretty soon we will all be complaining about how COLD it is.

I spent the morning on the couch working on the binding of this quilt.  At least it's something that doesn't bother my back.  Rather blinding, these colors, which makes it the perfect donation quilt.  When you first get into making quilts, you are like a moth to a flame.  You are blinded by the pretty bright colors.  Down the road when you start putting it together, you're like WHAT WAS I THINKING!!

At last I called my realtor and told her I wasn't paying for any distribution piping.  I spoke to my plumber who said they have been using this stuff for years and years.  Yes it may cause problems when it's 40-50 years old, but so will anything else you use.  I'm not paying for what MIGHT happen in the future.  She finally agreed my reasons were legit, but I don't have to answer them until Saturday.  I'm going to make them wait.

Next problem ... the tie downs.  That inspection will be on Friday so I will hopefully have a better idea of what THAT is going to cost.  I've come to the conclusion there is never a good reason to buy a house, because at some point you will probably have to sell it ... which I never want to do EVER again!  

I was finally off to Bingo, that game of chance that makes people go crazy!!  It just surprises me every time how rude and belligerent people can be while they sift through all the packets for the "winning" cards, while knowing they are just throwing their money away.  

Lucky for me I had two helpers on this night.  I put one on the infernal machine since she's one of only three people who know how to operate it, and when the second one arrived, I put her counting cards.  I just stood back and watched!!  What a treat, and my back was very thankful!

It was nice to note that bra-money lady was absent, as was the gentleman that causes the most "mouth" problems.  There were at least ten brand new players, all excited about winning so much money!  We don't tell them the odds are in everyone else's favor.  

We DO have to explain how to play every single card and what it takes to win.  They all think it's your normal kids one-line bingo game, but instead you have to get maybe a line with a flag, meaning four numbers together attached to a line.  It's not your normal bingo.  That all takes time, which means the other players have to stand in line a little longer.  Oh the inconvenience!!

There was only one disagreement about whose chair that was.  It was like there was only one chair left in musical chairs.  I stay far far away.  

Here's those infamous red tickets that people clamor over.  Everyone gets ONE, and if they call your number, you get 10 pull tabs where you might win $5.00.  Mostly you win nothing, or maybe 25 cents.  The dollar sitting there?  That's what they throw at you as they run by picking up ONE MORE CARD as the next game is being called.  

On the good side, there are benefits to working Bingo.  Just look at this baby!!!  Oh my goodness, my helper Jackie made a trip to Costco for this little slice of heaven.  I took two bites and completely forgot where I was.  Apple, caramel, spice cake ... what's not to love?

It was so good that when I found out the kitchen crew had the same thing, I got one to bring home.  As volunteers, we get a free dinner that Bingo pays for.  On this night the bill was the highest ever because everyone got one of these muffins.  I think we all know where I'm going today!!

There was one scary moment, which turned into a sad moment in the end.  I sit close to an outside door that remains locked.  I even check on it to be sure.  A guy started knocking on the glass door.  No one does that, so I called one of the Knights over.  It turned out he was probably on drugs and not quite all there.  He kept saying this was a church and he needed to talk to someone.  

The Knight tried to tell him to walk across the way to the police department ... that they would have all the crisis line phone numbers so he could contact someone.  He kept saying no, he wanted a church.  I think he was looking for the homeless shelter that used to be down the street.  They had moved and he couldn't find them.  We offered him food, but he said no and finally walked away.  It's so sad when someone is on drugs and you can't help them.  Not a great way to end the night.

But end it did.  I was a few dollars off on the infernal machine, but I let it slide right off my shoulders.  I've had enough STRESS this week.  The good news ... my back is getting better and better.  Maybe I'll even be able to lift some of those quilts stacked in the RV.  

But FIRST ... it's off to Costco!!!!!


  1. You might think I'm crazy but I love those quilt colors!
    Glad you are on the mend.

    1. No ... not crazy. But add to that ... it's a Japanese fabric quilt. That doesn't go with cowboy very well! LOL. I would be happy to mail it to you!!

  2. Be careful about lifting things at Costco. Some of them weigh a lot!

    1. Yes they do ... and those muffins weigh a ton!! In the end, I was too sore to go. It's on my list though.

  3. In 2017 when you bought the Arizona house, did the Inspector say anything about it not being tied down? "IF" not, and I think I read that it is Arizona regs that it needs to be tied down, that inspector should have told you this and 'could' be liable for not doing so if they didn't say anything. Since there is a slab under it, I would think the anchoring should not bee too expensive, perhaps $2,500 or so is my guess. The inspector you are dealing with now is probably covering their butt with the water pipe issue, which is why they used the word "recommended' and not required.

    1. I thought about that too ... it would help if I could find some of that paperwork. I can't seem to find ANY of it.