Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Where's The Beef???

It's Bingo day.  I really tried to sleep in an hour or so, but it never works.  Someone who shall remain nameless can tell when I'm faking sleep.  I probably wouldn't get up at all if he wasn't here.  This is one of only two pictures I have of him as a baby.  He had just gotten his first haircut where he was completely traumatized.  I can tell because he has not lain flat like this ever since.  This kid has personality!!

My morning routine starts with feeding everyone.  The cinnamon roll thing is still hanging out, but I found if you smother it in Mrs. Butterworth's maple syrup, it's entirely edible.  That stuff makes anything taste good!!

Instead of playing brain games for the next two hours, I forced myself to get up and out to Costco.  They open at 9:00 here and I had two shirts to return.  It's weird.  I bought three at the store ... all the exact same size.  Two fit and one was too small.  

It happened I saw them on the internet for $12.  You can't beat that price, so I ordered two more.  One fit and one was WAY too small.  The guy gave me a bad time because I put the first one in the bag from the second.  Of course I didn't have a receipt, so I kept my mouth shut.  Both were credited to my account, so off I went to pick up the pork loin for the rally barbecue.

This is the first time I've had to procure the meat ... and I had no idea how much to get for 16 people.  There's eight pounds here, so hopefully that's enough.  $36.00 in case you were wondering.  Just pork ... because beef is not affordable any more.

Just a quick note here ... did you know most beef is now owned and raised by Corporations?  Did you know corporate taxes used to be 35%, lowered to 21% from 2018-2020?  It seems our government never took an economics class, because they have now raised the corporate tax to 28%, telling people it's to save you and me money.  Guess what the corporations do ... they add probably 10% on to the price of everything you buy so they don't LOSE money.  If you were in business, would you take the loss?  Nope ... you would raise the price of absolutely everything.  

Oh look here ..... I have NO idea how THESE got in my basket.  I never EVER buy them!  Yes, there's one missing.  I think I got rooked ... or maybe Cooper ate one!!

Although I had plenty of meat in the freezer, I couldn't resist ONE beautiful HUGE chicken.  It's almost a sin to cut in to such a beautiful bird.  That's it .... THREE items in my basket, can you believe it?  I even walked around the entire store to see if there was anything else that would jump on my train.  I did hesitate at the very pretty Christmas wreath, but I do have six in the upper kitchen cupboards, so I passed.

I was back home in 50 minutes, in spite of only ONE checkout stand being manned.  They only have two self checkouts and they were full of people who didn't know how to use them.  Lucky for me I had a really fast checker!!

I was surprised when I got home to see all those leaves piled up on the lawn.  The gardeners were hard at work driving the mower around picking them up.  Honestly, that's a fun job.  It spins around ... turns on a dime ... goes fast ... who wouldn't like that??

I spent the next hour rearranging the freezer.  That huge bag of ice not used on the pack trip needed to be gone.  I made a couple smaller bags and threw the rest out.  Little did I know how anything different in the back yard would affect Cooper.  My horses .... yes.  If there was even a small piece of paper on the ground, you would think it was going to eat them.  

I laughed as he made six trips over to the solid piece, never getting closer than this, but checking it out from all sides.  It finally scared him enough to run off.

It was a weird cloudy afternoon, with showers most of the day ... even with the blue sky.  

Later in the evening while watching the 5th round of the National Finals Rodeo, Cooper insisted I play the try-and-get-it-from-me game.  This is his favorite toy.  I quickly discovered it had two big holes in the sides.  Oh YUCK ... I had to hold that wet nasty thing while I sewed up it's sides to keep the stuffing in.  I actually spotted one at the grocery store a couple days ago.  I think I know what Santa is bringing Cooper for Christmas!!

Since it's Bingo day, I'm going to try and do my very best to fall asleep on the couch this morning.  Maybe I can get in an extra Z or two before heading out to the Castle.  It's always an adventure around Christmas time!!


  1. Having worked for a publicly held company most of my life, I will tell you are right. They are not going to take the loss and will raise prices or cut expenses to make up for the additional taxes.

    1. It's economics 101 ..... we won't tax you, we will tax the big RICH corporations, but then you pay more for everything, so actually they just taxed YOU. Sadly, most people don't understand.

  2. The bird does look good. It would make great sandwiches.
    Cooper’s eyes are so expressive, he is a cutie!
    Bingo should be quiet tonight, the naughty or nice thing is happening , and saving money may keep some of the wild bunch away. Or maybe not and they will have a few more days before reigning themselves in.


  3. Love the pic of Cooper as a baby, so cute! The chicken looks so good and no cooking involved! The cookies look yummy too!

  4. Love those COSTCO / Sam's Club chickens...best deal around, and getting better as prices of everything else keeps climbing and climbing. I am sure they will become the $6 chickens soon, but still $4.98 at Sams.

  5. I certainly agree with you on taxing businesses. Every time I hear someone say tax the businesses, I say, you mean you want to tax yourself as businesses have to pass on all their expenses, to you. Businesses provide jobs, so the government can already tax you. Most people don't seem to get it and the money just goes flying out of their wallets and unfortunately, mine too. Darn

    1. That's just how it works. People don't understand the end run.

  6. Corporations are not in business to lose money there a business to dig in your back pocket… the only one that loses money is Costco on a five dollar chicken But being a corporation you paid Costco more for your every day product

    1. Exactly right! Corporations are going to make a bundle this year ... from our pockets.