Monday, October 19, 2020

Sunday Fun Day

I can't believe I survived the weekend.  The parking lot was almost full when we opened at 10:00 Sunday morning.  The crowds rushed in and spread out over the property like ants on sugar.  Speaking of which, we completely sold out of the decorated cookies in two weeks.  

They did not order the usual five thousand cookies since they didn't get Health Department approval until a week before opening.  That has caused lots of stress for me trying to get product to sell.

 This time I hijacked a kid to work the supply line with me, but he was a dud.  Slow ... no initiative ... couldn't see anything that needed to be done ... you know the kind.  I fired him at noon and received a second recruit who would get a $50 bonus if he did a good job.  Voila!!  A go-getter!!

Lucky for me, I didn't have to carry those 35 cases of water nor those 30 cases of soda.  I did have to cut them open and put them in the ice chest, but that was the easy part.  That meant my hands were in freezing ice water the entire day.  I'm sure I lost a pound from each hand.

 This picture shows the dilemma of the day.  I counted 1008 hot dogs.  We sold 400 which should leave 600 or so.  It was distressing when I counted only 400 left.  I accounted for 100, but 100 seem to have disappeared. 

 We keep track of all this stuff by selling tickets, which we then collect when the product is delivered to the customer.  My phone is full of ticket pictures to track the numbers.  With three girls selling four different colored tickets, it can get pretty crazy in the snack bar.  One of those is usually me trying to get the line down.

 Oh ... the boss was able to fix the snow cone machine.  Darn ... I was hoping for a little respite from the long lines.  We were up and running Sunday morning, dishing them out to the tune of 1,120.  It was so hot we could hardly cool the soda down.

The ice machine was working as fast as it could, but couldn't keep up.  It was finally relegated to snow cones until the owner took every ice chest he could find and filled them with ice from someone else's ice machine.  We were literally down to the last cube when we closed at 6:30.

Here's my story for the day.  This is the bounce pillow.  It's full of air and fun to bounce on for about ten seconds.  You'd be amazed at how much effort it takes to jump up and down.  For sanitary reasons, you have to wear socks, which we sell in case you forgot yours.  

When the lady came in late, she said her washing machine had died.  I felt bad for her because she seemed pretty upset.  When I let her in, she noticed her son had ditched his shoes and socks for flip flops.  She actually burst into tears.  Now I felt REALLY bad.  It's okay, we sell socks, but she had no money and the tears flowed.

I always keep some bills in my back pocket just for this kind of occasion.  I paid for the socks and escorted her to the bounce pillow.  The tears finally stopped with a free cup of coffee.  That's what we do here at the patch.

 I'm closing in quickly on 150 miles of walking in spite of having help to haul stuff from the container to the snack shop. 

Total miles walked to date:  146.17   My feet are not the least bit happy.  

Today I'm doing nothing.  Absolutely NOTHING!!!



  1. Aww Nancy you had me tearing up with the socks story :) That's just too sweet of you! Do you guys feed your workers? Could that account for missing hot dogs? Nice to get a food worker, but a $50 bonus would make me do it too :) The place sounds crazy and fun! I would love seeing all the people and the smiles! Enjoy your day today!

    1. We do feed the workers, but they must have tickets which can be accounted for. We also have a night crew that has access ...... pretty sure that's where they went.

  2. Could it be the tickets got tossed instead of going in the Count Box.
    Nice to help someone in need as long as they're not playing you.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. That is always in the back of my mind Rick. If she was playing me, she's very good at instant tears running down her face. That's the first thing I looked for!!

  3. Hi Nancy I really enjoy reading your blog posts, you have a very entertaining way of writing. Thanks.