Friday, October 30, 2020

Good Morning Glory!

I'm greeted every morning at the Pumpkin Patch with a wall of glories ... morning glories to be exact.  It's eight feet tall, about three feet wide and maybe 50 feet long.  Covered with flowers, although the seeds can be deadly, they bloom the entire season.

 October is finally coming to an end.  It sure seems like it went by fast, although I do remember thinking it would last forever.  Last night was sadly the last tractor drive for me.  Our socially distanced hay bales will be hauled off on Sunday with all the green chop corn maze for cattle feed. 

 Two more days of scrounging up gloves, towels to wipe things down and trying to make the hot dogs equal the buns.  For some weird reason, that never seems to work out right.

 My cold is better, but not gone, not helped along by packing huge ice chests full of soda, water and ice.  I've actually lost my fingerprints almost completely.  I can no longer open my phone with a print.  I think my newly won dollars will have to purchase a new one.  It's so old many of the new apps won't even work on it.

It was a beautiful last night of driving with the almost full moon rising over the orchard.  We really weren't all that busy, but the second garbage detail guy just HAD to drive.  I guess he thought if he dogged me all night, I would speed up.  It didn't happen.  I'm there to give people a nice hay ride, not whiplash like he does.  My slowing at the corners and the rough spots landed him on my tail EVERY SINGLE ROUND.  

He had to stop and wait for my trailer to unload and load up again before he could unload.  You would think he might have figured that out at some point, that if he just slowed down a bit, it would fix his problem.  He never did GET it.  No surprise.

 I'm determined to get some goaty-goat pictures today.  I talk to them every time I go by the barn, but have been too busy to spend any time with them.  I would probably enjoy that much more than the "kid" employees.  

Here's a late shout out to Mr. Dan Chance who just had another birthday.  He's my RV go-to for everything "what the heck is this" or "how do I fix this".   HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN!

A nap would be nice this morning before work, but I HAVE to clean up the house and puppy prints on the floor before company shows up again.  Two days ... Friday and Saturday ... and the Patch closes for another year.

Total miles walked to date:  211.66


  1. I'm surprised that they closed the ride before the Patch. It could be part of the draw.
    Be Safe and Enjoy counting down the days.

    It's about time.

    1. It's still open ... the harvesters will be in tomorrow.

  2. "newly won dollars" in reality is "HARD EARNED MONEY" lol

  3. Love the morning glories and the flowers! Love the moon picture too, just gorgeous. Enjoy the last two days of families and fun! Happy Birthday Dan! He sounds like a wonderful friend to you!

    1. Patty and Dan are the BEST friends I could ever have!!