Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Fleas Must Be Asleep

I suppose this isn't exactly a flea market, although many booths are reminiscent of roadside yard sales.  It's the big Sell-a-Rama in Quartzsite.  Be there or be square!!  Almost ever single spot was set up with a tent or easy-up of some kind, but no one was home.  I heard snoring coming from one.
It's actually one day short of the grand opening, but I hoped to miss the crowds.  Parking in the wash wasn't an option with the last huge rainstorm so I drove the line twice before finding someone backing out.  At least the dinosaur was awake.
Store after store was closed as I tippy toed around the mud puddles.  For my Golden Spike readers, the Too Crazy Ladies are alive and well.  We haven't seen them around in awhile and were wondering if they were okay.  
I have two favorite booths.  The first was so crowded I couldn't even get in to see the merchandise.  Turquoise jewelry must be the "in" thing now.  The second one is the kitchen store.  Really I've no idea what the name is since hardly anyone puts up a sign.  
I got two stainless mixing bowls ... could be dog bowls, or maybe a drip pan for my smoker ... for only $2.50 each, followed by silicone mixing spoons for $2.00 each.  These run $5 where I come from, if you can even FIND them.  We used them almost exclusively at the cooking school.
There is also a CBD oil booth.  Apparently that is the newest thing.  As I walked close to that one, the smell of incense almost knocked me over.  Me thinks someone is partaking in the back with the hopes incense will cover up the smell.  It doesn't.  I can smell the green stuff a mile away.  Is that legal in Arizona now??  If you're interested in the oil as a pain remedy, read Nick Russell's blog about his experience.

Here's the newest set up.  He also had the neatest, cleanest tent in the lot.  AND he was open for business, unlike those smoking and snoring.
That was it ... my big foray into the world of flea marketing.  I didn't take a picture of the fifty cow skulls.  That's rather offensive to me, even though I might like to have one hanging on the wall.  They come from slaughter houses, with many having fake horns attached.  

I stopped at the Cinnamon Roll trailer, oooooh cinnamon rolls, on my way out.  They were closed.  That's probably not a bad thing, since I found they are $6 each.  Yikes!!  I can make a dozen for that price.

I'm sad I missed the Big Tent.  I've already decided I'm making reservations for a week next year.  It will be pricey at the RV park, but that's the cost of having a parrot in the family.

At last I'm in my Arizona home and am happy to report there is NO snow.  It's cold as all get out, but no snow!!  My kitchen remodel is daunting and I need some advice.  Do I replace the countertops first and then the appliances or vice versa.  Anyone had experience in this sort of thing??


  1. Nice that you got to see a few vendors there in Tyson Wells. We will wander over sometime this week, always find a parking spot behind the vendors lots room there.
    Good luck with your renovations.. Depending on the appliances maybe replace them first in case the countertops need to be adjusted is my thoughts. Thats' what we did when we did the kitchen is our house we put in a larger stove.

    1. I'm sure I could find lots of stuff I really don't need in the market! LOL

  2. I would ask the countertop people which they prefer.

  3. Glad you got to poke around at least at the flea market in T.W.
    The renovations do sound daunting but you'll figure it all out, smart lady!
    Bill says as long as you know the appliances you are getting, it doesn't matter which way you go but obviously don't change your mind at the store on the size of your appliance if you've already done the counters. :D

    1. Thanks Bill ..... not changing the layout, just the tops, so everything should fit if I buy the same size appliances.

  4. We'll have to check out the Vendors now that more have shown up.
    Some places have Computer Programs that allow you to see the finished product before you start. Might be the way to go.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. The market is not as full as previous years, but there's lots of opportunity to purchase "stuff".


  5. If you’re going to keep standard appliances, like the refrigerator dishwasher stove are all fixed dimensions If you’re going to go with a custom stove / refrigerator, you want to know the make and the model and the dimensions
    Are you going with a standard kitchen, or a gourmet kitchen
    are you keeping the same cabinets
    If you have extra time Thank open house /park models / Model homes / cabinet shops / Kitchen bath Remodeling show room
    Internet images On Google
    If you stand back against the wall and take a floor to ceiling picture of the 4 walls (Assuming you have four walls in the kitchen)
    Take the pictures an measurements of the cabinets an appliance To any good reputable cabinet store or appliance they’ll put it on a CAD you could change anything in a CAD but it’ll give you an idea of what it will look like
    Two other tips they make appliances that are not stainless steel but look like it.
    if you’re gonna spend that kind of money look into a induction cooktop stove
    If you’re unfamiliar with them look under YouTube online once you have one you’ll never go back to a regular stove again

    If you get a chance look on Google map setting satellite
    Zoom all the way in and then think thats only is there for three days you Magine the satellite taking a picture of it ,,, in that timeframe.

    222–698 Bolstad Ave W
    Long Beach, WA 98631
    United States

    And then for fun google your Arizona house,, your RVs crooked

    1. I've done that Google thing. Amazing that they have my RV showing. They keep that pretty up to date! Yup ... I park crooked to allow for one more vehicle to park next to me ... you know, in case I have company! Good idea .. I'll take pictures of the kitchen before heading to the home stores for countertop ideas.

  6. When we put in our DW we mentioned that we are hoping to replace all of our cabinets in the next year or two...he said that the DW will have to pulled out and put back in again. However, IF it is just the tops, that part won't matter much.

    1. I'm just planning on the tops and backsplash. It should be easy, but you never know. I've already run into one problem I'll explain on the blog.

  7. Well at least you got to see some stuff and leave a little money behind...:)
    Good luck with the kitchen remodel.

    1. Almost forgot, truck butts, really. On the way to and from Blythe today every time there was a couple of semi's in front of us I started to

    2. Hahaha Deb ... well that's what they are! Interesting that they are all different too.

  8. Stainless steel shows fingerprints. GE and others make a "slate" color that does not show fingerprints. Search my blog for "mud" and it'll take you to the post with the picture. We've been buying from Christies which is locally owned and they service what they sell. So far, we like them.