Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Bloody Mary'ed

Up early as usual,  I got dog duty out of the way (a quick walk around the "for sale" rigs) and started to whip up everything pancake breakfast.  They decided this year we should have a Bloody Mary Bar.  There were no nays when the voted ended, so Dottie Poole set up her fabulous make-it-yourself table.
She even supplied different appetizers to slip inside the beautiful red concoctions.  We were all spoiled, to say the least.
My morning kitchen looked rather organized I thought, as I gathered up all the ingredients for pancake and sausage making.  Water ..... pancake mix ..... sausage.  It wasn't hard.
I carted everything out to the men who have been conscripted into pancake making for the last few years.  There was a slight problem however ..... they couldn't seem to get the electric grill hot enough.  In no time there were more electric cords strung across the parking lot to an extra 30 amp plug they discovered.  Boy did she get hot in a quick minute!!
This is why we have the MEN do the breakfast.  Pancakes were flying off the grill in no time and they were DELICIOUS!!  The sausage was fried up by the vegan in our group.  I'm sure it's okay if a few fumes wafted into his mouth.
In no time, everyone was stuffed, not to mention happy Bloody Mary campers.  Even Miss Cocoa was calm, cool and collected.  Don't leave your chair for long ..... she claims it as her own.  After all, it's much more comfortable sitting on a chair than on the asphalt.
We sat around yacking while I asked for recommendations on waterless cleaner for the rig, roof suggestions and chassis batteries.  After a trip to the vendor tent for supplies, I should be all set.  I even made an appointment for Shade Pro to come fix my awning.  That's when I got a call from Costco saying they couldn't get my credit card to run through for the ice cream.  In no time I had that taken care of because they are so nice and helpful ... UNLIKE Schwans.

Gosh .... so far things are going along without a hitch, knock on wood.  By the way, here's a quick picture I took of the last quiche baked.  Honestly, ANYTHING tastes good when it's full of bacon!
I may just make a quick trip to the quilt store this morning, followed by the Chapter Fair, before my awning appointment.  Next up is trying to decide if I dare use the single-beater mixer to make mashed potatoes ... my contribution to tonight's pork loin dinner.  I think I'll pick up a roll of plastic for the floor, just in case.


  1. What a fun time you are having there, good luck with the beater , maybe pick up another one that works properly?

    1. If I ever get a spare minutes, that's exactly what I'll do!!

  2. Looks like it was an excellent breakfast and early day happy hour. The pancake makers sure have intense looks on their faces. I can see now why you leave it up to the men.