Saturday, June 16, 2018

What Up DeShon and Justin??

Sometimes you just want to scream.  Even when there's no one around to hear you.  I don't know what happened to Amazon, but they have completely fallen off the good service wagon.

With my mailbox set up and actually receiving some junk mail addressed to me with my home address, I figured to give it a shot.  Of course you know that's truly a shot in the dark with the current state of the Post Office.

I ordered three things from Amazon and had them shipped to a name other than my own, with my home address.  Since the Post Office refuses to deliver to both my P. O. box AND my house, I thought this might solve the problem.  I thought wrong.

Tracking said my three items were delivered yesterday.  Wait ... I was home all day.  Nothing was delivered.  Time to call Amazon and see what's up.  DeShon answered in his thick asian accent.

Okay ... I can fix.  You can hold?   Sure DeShon.

Seems the Post Office with their intelligent employees returned the package saying incorrect address. That's funny, it was the exact same address, word for word, on all the other mail they delivered to me including a refund check.

Can you resend it please?  I'll use the box number instead.  He put me on hold.  Ten minutes later he said the credit card would not go through.  He verified the information (actually the expiration date) and asked me to change it on MY computer, which I did.  Can hold again?

Sure DeShon.  Twenty minutes later I hung up.  Really Amazon?  Who in the world, literally, are you hiring?  They don't seem to be very service friendly and I had a terrible time understanding them.

I called back.  This time Justin answered with an even thicker accent that I couldn't understand at all. Please may I speak to a Supervisor?  Oh no .... I can handle.  Well I'm having a rather hard time understanding your words.  Please, a supervisor?  Oh no ... I can handle.  He put me on hold.

Fifteen minutes later I was ready to pull my hair out.  I screamed at the poor puppies who were sleeping quietly at my feet, hoping Justin could hear me.

That's when I noticed the CHAT feature.  At least I would be able to understand the words, right?  I have no patience for this kind of stuff.  I'm even MORE mad at the Post Office for putting me through all this!!  Why can't they just deliver the mail to this address?

Chiwan:   I can help?

Me:          Yes please, I need to be sure the packages that are being sent out
                 again have the correct address.

Chiwan:  Certainly ... they are going to (insert my home address here).

Me:         That figures.  Please change that to the Post Office box.

Chiwan:  Certainly ... Okay, is done.

Well thank you very much.  I guess I should have hit the Chat button sooner.  Now I will wait with anticipation to see how many times Amazon charges me for the products I ordered and if my credit card information is stolen and sold on the black market.

I'm sure they are outsourcing their customer service overseas, but PLEASE Amazon, that was such horrible service I'm tempted to not ever order anything from you again.

What up DeShon and Justin?  I wish I could get you fired, but I'm sure you and the 25 other people I heard in the background are only working for pennies and could care less about the people on the other end of the line.  I've no doubt it's a cultural difference too, but putting people on hold for inordinate lengths of time is not acceptable.
Unfortunately I now have to go through the same ordeal with the on-line company I purchased a refrigerator filter from.  (Big sigh)

I gathered up all the mail with my name and address and plan on hitting the Post Office first thing Monday morning.  I consider myself extremely lucky to have received the $300 refund check when they are returning everything else.  

I think I will explain to them that I have someone staying in the house while I'm gone who wants to receive mail there.  We'll see what happens.  Surely there is a way around this!!

In the meantime, I'm smoking a pork butt.  So far it's going as well as being on the phone with DeShon.  I discovered after the first hour that the door had come ajar.  Thus the patio table.  This morning it appears I set the temperature to 230 instead of 220.  It shouldn't be a problem, except I have no idea when it will be done.
My trusty thermometer should tell me.  180 degrees is the magic number.  In the meantime, I'm heading back to the Elks Lodge to prepare for Father's Day Sunday Brunch.

Usually held at the Elks RV Park, someone thought it would be too hot for the family celebration, complete with jump houses, games and free beer.  It's been moved inside, minus the jump houses, games and free beer and will now compete with Mother's Day.  Everyone is agrumble (my new word).  Me too as I wait not so patiently for my Amazon order to arrive so I can make my own popsicles ... a replacement for ice cream.  Wish me luck!


  1. We experienced similar problems with some of our orders that cane Via the Post Office from Amazon. It was to Quiet Times in Quartzsite and even though the could see the building down the street they would return it. Hate to say they are cutting their own throats.
    Out sourcing the Customer Service is a big mistake on Amazon's part. I asked for a Supervisor one time and had a harder time understanding what they were saying.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I remember your Quiet Times adventure. I just don't understand why they don't just deliver it instead of sending things back, unless they are getting paid more that way.

  2. Good luck with your Amazon, I refuse to use the phone to talk to people, mainly because even with my hearing aides find it hard to understand what most people say let alone people with accents. The chat or email works wonderful; for me.
    Have fun for Father's day !

    1. On my feet cooking again .... LOL!! Amazon has just become too big for their britches.

  3. Have you heard of "Informed Delivery"? The Post Office takes pictures of the front of your mail, and emails that picture...also lets you know about packages to be delivered.

    In order to get both our home and our PO Box, I signed one up with my real email address, the other with my blog email (which is then forwarded to my real email). It is real nice, and for those like you with a smart phone, they have a nice APP for you to use.

    You have two homes and one PO Box, you just need three different email addresses and you can get email from each place.

    And it is FREE!!!!!

    1. That sounds like a good idea, but they will still only deliver to one address. I would like to get my mail at the box and my packages at my house. They can't seem to do that.

  4. Before you go to the post office Monday morning go out on the road ( this is the important part with no cars coming )and take a picture of your mailbox in front of your house
    If you pick up a forwarding address envelope and put your forwarding address on that which just happens to be the same address that you live at and then hand it to the clerk and ask him to read it back to you
    In the meantime you could have that happy smile on your face with a snappy come back 📩📦📫
    Sounds like something is tripping up or someone is dropping the ball sorting mail
    Have you actually stood out there at your mailbox when the mail driver comes by,, 🤦‍♀️yo mail ?

    As for. Amazon where you pay for your product before you hit (pay now) checking your Visual address (no that does it mean go out and look at your mailbox )( I don't think you're a blonde )is everything correct including the zip

    If you have an eBay account with PayPal you might want to try using them for some small and expensive items you might need and see if they get it right

    1. It's been the correct address, but once they see my name, they automatically send it back if it doesn't say the P. O. Box number. The address was correct, they just refuse to deliver to my house when I have a box number. I don't get it.

  5. Hello? this DeShon. Missing putting you on hold. Please call back. Haha, sorry, shouldn't make fun but we have all experienced it. I just like the way you tell it. :)

    1. Unfortunately we all HAVE experienced it and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if he called back just to put me on hold! Haha you're funny!!