Thursday, June 14, 2018

Alone With A Fur Ball

Tuesday morning you would have found me still snoozing on the couch.  After my morning cup of fake joe (Maxwell House orange cafe) and a long conversation with Jack (my bird friend), I tossed the ball for Cooper a couple of times and ensconced myself on the couch.  I wanted every opportunity to heal up from the pain of helping in the food booth at the fair.

It didn't last long.  I happened to glance outside to see a geyser shooting high in the sky.  RATS!!  Another broken sprinkler, chopped off by the mow, blow and go crew.  I found it about six feet away.  With my brain still a little mushy, I turned my sprinklers on one station at a time.  That meant running outside every fifteen minutes.

What a dummy ..... after the entire property had been watered, it dawned on me all I had to do was change that station to zero minutes.  The rest would run automatically.   Duh .......

When the hour finally came to head off to the Magic Kingdom, I went with some trepidation.  The Castle Lawyer would again be gone and I'd be in the dungeon with the peasants by myself.  Not only that, but the King and all the Knights of the Round Table would be gone too.  YIKES!!

Make that a DOUBLE coca cola!!!  Everything started out fine and dandy.  The first big onslaught went slow since I had to count all the cards AND run the infernal machine.  Mini-me purred like a little kitten.  Until she decided to cough up a fur ball and freeze up.  

Cancel cancel cancel.  I finally unplugged her from everything and started all over.  With a few pats and "come on baby" she purred back to life.  Now even further behind with a long line of overanxious peasants, I grabbed the next lady and highjacked her into counting for me.  

That was the quiet before the storm when the airline pilot came to call.  To call Bingo that is.  He had a little trouble the week prior.  This is a tough crowd and you better not even think about calling something incorrectly.  They will let you know with a ROAR!!!

Actually I didn't think he was going to come back at all, but come back he did, a glutton for punishment like the rest of us.  If you can fly a 747 bus, or whatever the heck it is, you can handle a bunch of old folks .... be BRAVE!!

He tried, but one wrong number resulted in an uproar.  It wasn't even a game for the big bucks!!  I thought he was going to walk out, but we cajoled the crowd into giving him another chance.  You just don't want to mess with these Bingo aficionados when it comes to CASH!!

We all worked our patooties off since there were only ten members of the court instead of our usual 17.  There was only one big complaint, and that was "I never win with that red ticket".  We give everyone a red ticket (it's "off with her head" if I forget) that gives them a chance in the drawing for a packet of ten pull tabs.  They might win $10!!

I have to say that very sweet lady has been coming here as long as I have, about eight years, and has never won.  Next week I'm buying a packet and giving her a very special red ticket (that I'm keeping the stub from) and her number WILL be called at the next event.  Otherwise, I will continue to listen to the "I never win" complaint.  Think it will work?

At break time ... which there wasn't since I was alone ... I got one of the guys to sit in while I grabbed a heart stopping hot dog of heartburn proportions to get me through the night.  I learned my lesson about not eating while in the food concession at the fair.  

At least this night I didn't have to stay to the very end.  I cashed out the infernal machine, waved goodbye and jumped on my chariot to head home.  There's nothing like a big soft bed at the end of a long day.  At least my little square of it was nice ... Cooper and Jessie take up the major part.  Chalk up another day in the Magic Kingdom.


  1. Another fun day with the peasants, at least you made it through and had too much fun , right? That's why you do it ?

    1. Yup you are right! MOST of the people are really nice, if just a tad bit compulsive!!

  2. Patience is a virtue and that is all that needs to be said about you and your work at the Magic Kingdom.
    Cuddling in a soft bed with your fur babies is a treat at the end of a frustrating day.

    1. I have to say I'm learning to be MUCH more patient. It even carries over to other things ... a plus for sure!!