Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Just when you think all is well .... the birds are tweeting in the trees, the sun is shining brightly in the sky and the flowers in your yard are all blooming beautifully (like you're in Camelot) ...... BAM!!!   LIGHTNING STRIKES!!

I should have known better.  Everything was just too fine while I was upstairs with the troops having a coke.  I was thrilled that the Castle Lawyer would be back to help me.  We even went downstairs early to set up.

I unplugged the infernal machine (it always has to have electricity to eat or it will die a horrible death) and hauled it to the table.  That's funny ..... it says General Resetting.  I hit the escape key.  Nothing happened.  I hit it again.  Nothing.  I tried it ten times in a row.  A terrible feeling began to creep up the back of my neck.

Seriously??  I hit every key on it and nothing happened.  I unplugged it, waited a few seconds and tried it again.  Repeat, repeat.  Nothing.  Please ... PLEASE ... this is supposed to be a good night!  Where are the control-alt-delete keys on this thing?

Desperate, I dug out the instruction book.  There was absolutely nothing about it freezing up.  The infernal machine has done it to us again.  The only note in the book said to unplug the cord and take the two batteries out.  That meant it would completely erase ALL the programming, rendering it completely useless.

The Castle Lawyer went upstairs and got herself a large glass of wine.  With no alternative, I finally did the deed.  It died a horrible death ... a heart attack I imagine ... but the drawer finally opened.  I tentatively pushed a button to see if it would magically work.  Nope ... not happening.  All the air went out of my sails.
Here he is in all HIS majesty, the bleeping infernal machine.  So that meant I had to do all that calculating and cashiering by hand.  It pretty much slowed down our routine.  To my great surprise, the peasants were very understanding, letting us know if they thought we were wrong so I could add it up again.  At least I had a calculator, but it was faster to do most of it in my head.

The Castle Lawyer said if it was her, she would just go home.  No I said ... we can do this!!
It was a really long night however.  The good news is that I didn't have to balance to anything.  It was what it was.  The bad news is we had no idea how much we collected, and therefore how much to pay out.  We also didn't have a count of the peasants for the bookkeeping part of the equation.  

That's when a latecomer made a comment about "oh yeah, I told them this morning they had to plug it back in and not leave things piled on top of it".  REALLY?  Who's been messing with the equipment in the safe??  I never did find out who THEM were.  Probably a good thing or I would have read them the riot act!!

The infernal machine came home with me.  I now have to re-program it from scratch.  When we bought it originally, I think it took me two days.  It's not an easy process.  I figure it will take FOUR days ... two to just remember how the heck to do it!!  If only I had a shotgun, the infernal machine would be toast!!

Maybe some breakfast cake will zing my brain cells into action!!  I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Oh my... computers are great when they work. But oh so frustrating when they don't Good luck with the programming !

    1. Exactly!! We have become too dependent on them!

  2. Two tricks to try how are your cash register
    Pay close attention to the printer It's supposed to put them in error mode if the printer don't work
    to reprogram it go check YouTube put in a make and the model
    Their programming is mostly the same throughout the models
    Replace the batteries before you program If you forget only replace the batteries while it's plugged in,
    If all else fails throw it in the trashcan ,,, tell the court👺 jester it fell off the counter🙀

    1. Ed, I particularly like the last suggestion!! LOL

  3. The joys of Technology. Great when it works, but a nightmare when it doesn't. Hope this is the last time you have to program it.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Isn't that the truth!! We depend on them too much!!

  4. Almost wished you luck for last night, but did not want to jinx you...

    1. Hah!! I was jinxed from the beginning, Dave!! It's all doable by hand, it just takes MUCH longer.

  5. I remember when we first started learning on computers and the tekky machines. We thought I'll never get used to this!! It's easier to do it manually. Now look at us! :S