Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Magic Kingdom Surprise ... SURPRISE!!

You didn't think I would forget being with the Knights of the Round Table at the Magic Kingdom of Bingo, did you?  After a lovely morning coffee serenaded by Jack the bird, who can only sing two notes by the way, I did a little sewing, but spent most of the day gearing up for the onslaught.

The first Tuesday of every month is crazy crowded and busy because it's PAY DAY in the world of Welfare and Retirement.  SURPRISE!  The Castle Lawyer called me in the morning to say she was going to be gone.  WAIT!!!  It's our busiest night!!  So sorry Charlie, and she was gone with a click.

The afternoon passed in a flash.  It was time to head off to the land of peasants and knights.  It was a two coke confab as we discussed baseball and how the heck Red Feather Apache Frank has survived this long.
I think it's the Corona.  I finally got him to stand still for a picture.  I'm pretty sure I could take him.  Maybe some day I'll live to be 98 years old.  His birthday is in February, which is when he went on the Honor Flight to Washington DC.  This night he brought with him the flag and commendation he received which he donated to the Elks.  We are honored.  I don't think I have ever met a happier man who can sit all night long and tell you jokes.  What a memory!!
All set up with the infernal machine and the now beloved mini-me, I opened the doors fifteen minutes early.  I figured there to be a long line and I would be alone for the first forty five minutes.  A helper had been hijacked and was heading my way.  Lucky for me I'm ambidextrous.  I can count with one hand and work the cash register with the other.  The peasants were happy!!

That is until one of our newly captured recruits began to call the games.  He's an airline pilot that flies jumbo jets ... the big buses that cruise through the skies.  Unfortunately, the peasants can be brutal.  In a couple of games, you don't call the N numbers because the only N number required is free.

You should have heard the uproar!!  He might have felt right at home since it sounded like a jet engine, but alas, he chose to forego the festivities and chow down on our famous hot dogs instead.  I'm not sure he will return.  That happens quite often.  It's a tough crowd, these Bingo players.  I'm still here because I'm too stubborn to give in.  

For the most part, the rest of the evening went well.  There were chariots cruising about with their masters breathing fire, lost little red tickets (used for a pull tab drawing) and a fountain of cash flowing like water.  I spent the last hour contemplating my new shoes.
Luckily I balanced to the penny, a real conquest when I'm that busy and by myself.  The Pull Tab Room had problems in that respect.  That's not my part of the Castle, but I stayed to help sort out the beans.  When you only have an abacus and ten fingers, it can be trying, not to mention the foreign spreadsheet that made no sense.  

At long last, using both my fingers AND toes, we decided it wasn't $600 off after all, but it took two hours to figure that out.  That's FOUR HOURS past my bedtime!!  I came home and crashed.

My plan was to hit the new quilt store in the big town of Fresburg today, but I'm not sure I can stay awake for the drive over an hour away.

SURPRISE!!!  I checked my phone this morning to find the Castle Lawyer won't be there next week either.  Oh the joy!!!!!


  1. Just don't know how you do it...but it seems to be for a very worthy cause...and at least the weather has died down for a bit, although that rain...oh, not rain, just the tears of some of the democratic leaders who thought they were going to have a landslide last night.

    1. I love it Dave!! Yup a very worthy cause. As for the rain of tears, I'm rather surprised. Things are changing!

  2. At last you made it through another onslaught and got some rest.
    Good luck next week.

  3. You are indeed a busy gal, seems the Castle Lawyer knows you can handle it. And you do very well!
    By the way, love the shoes!

    1. Shoes are sketchers, elastic webbing, oh so comfortable and waterproof, although not exactly cheap!