Saturday, June 2, 2018

Speaking of Dog Food ......

Back in the dark ages on the ranch, if Mom cooked something no one liked, it went to the dogs ... literally.  That didn't happen often, because you know there are starving children in the world who would just LOVE to eat that!!  After it and I sat at the table for three hours (I kid you not), she would finally relent and scrape it off into the dog bowls out on the porch.  They chowed down.   Maybe that's what I need instead of a cemetery!!  A dog with a cast iron stomach!!

I've been trying desperately to stay on the Nutrisystem diet, just cooking the food myself.  Since I like the ease of prep so much (2-3 minutes in the microwave), I've been searching for pre-packaged meals I can just heat up.

This pork chili verde looked pretty good as it lounged in the meat section at Save Mart.  It wasn't really precooked, but the bag-o-sauce made it really simple to whip up dinner.

I opened the bag and got a big whiff of cut up pork.  Whew!!  It smelled a little vinegary, so I double checked the pull date.  In spite of my misgivings, I threw it in the pot and proceeded to fry it up in batches.  It smelled much better and tasted fine.
I dumped in the sauce with just a tad of cornstarch slurry and let it simmer for about 20 minutes.  No use taking any chances on raw pork.  It looked and smelled delicious.  I put some in a bowl, then covered it in grated cheese and avocado.  YUM .... I'm hungry!

I took my first big bite.  My mouth was instantly on fire!!  In two seconds my lips were numb from the pain and my throat was burning like I swallowed a knife blade afire.  I almost dropped the bowl as I ran for the kitchen, looking for something to quench the flames.  I like pepper hot food, but this was downright ridiculous.  Someone somewhere was laughing at me!

All I could find was a slice of bread that I almost ate whole.  That's when I felt the chili hit bottom and burn a hole in my stomach.  Good grief .. I've got at least four more servings, not counting the bowl full still in the living room.  

I grabbed a fork and tried to spear each piece of meat, getting every drop of sauce OFF.  It was still too hot, but I ate it just so I didn't have to throw it out.  By the end, my lips AND mouth were numb with pain.  The burning lasted long into the night!!

This easy-to-prepare dinner will be a big NO on my shopping list next time.  I wouldn't even throw this one to the dogs.  It's actually still in the fridge as I try to get up enough nerve to eat the leftovers, which is 95% of the original recipe.

Meantime, in between the Quilter's Block Challenge, I've been trying to finish this quilt and get it off my wall.  I told myself I would never again make a queen sized quilt.  They are just too big and wieldy.  It makes you wonder what the heck I was thinking when I bought this one, because it's a QUEEN!!  Way too big and wieldy!!
Next up ... pork fried rice for dinner tonight.  Another new exciting recipe I found.  At least this one doesn't have any hot peppers in it!!  Just in case, I bought a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk to go with the LARGE size bottle of Tums!!


  1. If you save the plastic trays that you get from Nutrisystem or pick them up in the grocery store, Next time you go to the grocery store
    why not pick up two chicken breast grilled them up spicy the way you like cut them in half you'll have four pieces while you're at the grocery store pick up a bag of organic mixed vegetables put a quarter cup of vegetables next to the chicken
    Pick up a bag of small red potatoes about the size of a golf ball boil those up put 2 to the vegetables
    If you have a vacuum sealed unit put the dish inside that,, suck the air out put it in the freezer
    You could substitute the chicken for just about any meat you like if you also go to the grocery Stores they have pre-cooked baby back spare ribs they're messy but good
    You could divide that times three or four for that kind of a meal
    On your way to the meat section stop by the deli have them cut 4 quarter inch slices of turkey breast you could cut that four ways for four meals
    If you have your vacuum sealer stop by the frozen food section and pick up a Sara Lee cake( Cut it frozen ) cut that in individual section for each meal as a dessert.
    If it's ice cream that you like get the Dixie cups size don't get the whole gallon
    And A candy treat you remember the Halloween tiny size candy scotch tape one of them to your food tray and yes throw it in the freezer as well
    We keep all of our Kitcat / peppermint patty chocolate in the freezer
    So you see your choices are almost endless
    It only takes motivation

    1. Okay you sold me. I'm going to buy a vacuum sealer. I sort of do that when I make meatloaf. I put a big chunk in a container then cut it into small sizes before throwing it in the freezer. Individual meals would surly be faster and convenient.

  2. Oh my what an experience with hot food. I have come accustomed to eating VERY hot food so I would probably really enjoy it. Using lots of hot sauces and spices of me only. Never for Suzie.
    Good luck with the leftovers.

    1. My mouth is just too tender for really hot stuff. It was an experience, to be sure!!

  3. Nancy, is there any place on the food product/bag that says spicy hot or hot as in spicy? If not, I would call or email the manufacturer and tell them your experience. If I am unhappy with a product, I would email or call their 800 number. By telling them my unhappiness or unsatisfied with their product, several times I would get coupons for other products under their umbrella. Within the last 6 weeks I complained to Birds Eye and received free coupons from them. Just before, the Minute Maid Orange Juice was awful and I received a coupon from them. Lynn

    1. That's a good idea. It was surely over the top cayenne pepper hot!!!

  4. I've never understood why people drink water to put out spice fires in their mouths. A slice of bread, as you apparently know, works MUCH faster.

    Like Lyn I've notified manufacturers of product problems. I once got three boxes of pizza-in-a-box in response to one that came without the dough mix. Since I'd already put the sauce and cheese from that incomplete box on buns to make pizza burgers, I got four meals for the price of that one.

    1. I never thought to call them. I only ate bread because I already tried the water and it didn't work! LOL

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    1. Mountain Valley RV Park 661-822-1213 Reservations are a good idea. If no one answers, leave a message, they will call back. Great place!!