Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Beeeeeee The Pillow!!!

As you have probably already seen, I changed out the blog picture.  What a pain that was!  It took me forever to figure out just WHERE I could do that.  It was easy to decide on an image, but hard to get it the right size with the name in the right spot.

You can thank reader Patritia Richards for no longer getting a chill when you open my blog.

It's fitting, since I've got a death grip on my camera and I'm in the desert.  Many may recognize the old car located in the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona.  I always loved the glacier image, but I have to admit it did make me rather cold every time I looked at it.

Being single and the one with the camera, I have very few pictures of me.  Maybe I'll drag out that phone camera tripod thingy and try for a couple of selfies.

Really, I should have pictures of the puppies on the blog since that's pretty much my life.  They have me well trained and I wait on them hand and foot.  How could you not with a face like this?
I didn't set up this image ... Cooper didn't want Miss Jessie playing with his toy, so he took it to bed with him.  I have recently become very adept at the new game ..... beeeee the pillow!  Just sit there Mom and DON'T MOVE!
That is unless he wants to play the ball game.  I was sewing binding on one more quilt I picked up, when I was rudely interrupted.  He stood like that for almost five minutes while I stifled a big laugh.  You guessed it ... I played the ball game.
You don't move when you become the pillow.  Any movement brings growls the likes of which will instantly freeze you in the correct pillow position for the rest of the night.
From then on, there better be something really good on television, because I'm not allowed to move even a fraction of an inch.  Beeeeeee the pillow!!!!
Finally, with my butt in pain and my legs numb, I quietly whispered ... Oh LOOK!  A BALL!!  He jumped to the floor with great expectation.  That was my chance to become NOT the pillow as I headed out to the local shoe store for a new pair of sandals.  

What should appear right next door to the shoe store?  A Yogolicious add-your-own-toppings establishment that called my name when I was still clear across the parking lot.  I never do this but on this day the pillow wanted something cool and tasty.

Have you been in one of these places?  I was expecting maybe two kinds of frozen yogurt.  I think there were maybe fifteen?  In thirty seconds, I had caramel corn, peach and strawberry with a little watermelon thrown in just for luck.  I'll know better next time because that left no room for the candy toppings!!

I loaded up with peanut butter chips, peanut butter cups, heath bar crumbles and marshmallows.  Top that with some caramel sauce and the pillow was happy.  By the way, you pay by the ounce.  $5.52 later, the pillow was ready to become even softer due to all the candy ... but wait ... the yogurt is fat free, right??
I sat at a table and began to dig in when I realized they were playing religious rock music.  That's different!  It's what we played in Kids Church when I was helping teach, but in a Yogurt shop?  That's when the strange guy came in.  Hmmmmm, I'm always keeping an eye out for the "strange" people.  He carried a bag and went immediately to the restroom.  That was my key to exit the building.

Just as I arrived home, I spotted this fire very near my house.  I dialed 911 immediately.  Come to find out it was a structure fire about half a mile away.  The structure turned out to be an old shed, along with a fence and an acre of dry grass.  Luckily they got it out quickly before it spread to the subdivision next door or the dry grass in my back yard.
With all the excitement over, I went back to practicing my zen exercises.  


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    1. Hahaha only you would see that Ed!! Thank you! I just found him in the park when the picture was taken!

  2. Looks like enjoy beeeeeing the pillow . That yogurt looks awesome !

  3. I haven't changed my header photo in years because it was such a pain to get it up there. I like your new one.

    1. Thank you Allison. It did take me awhile to figure out where to go to change it. Profile pic is easy. Header pic is buried! LOL

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    1. Thank you Dave ... it certainly represents me well!