Wednesday, April 26, 2017


You thought I forgot the wonderful, dazzling, exciting, magnificent MAGIC KINGDOM??  No such luck!!  It was on my mind so much that I completely forgot to wash the windshield of the rig yesterday.  I really need to get my act together, as I leave first thing in the morning.

At any rate, I headed off to the land of knights and peasants in time for my usual coca cola in the bar before the hoards arrive.  I absolutely love it when Robert Duvall shows up.  You talk about body doubles ... this guy is the spitting image of Robert.  He wears the same hat, the same clothes and walks the same way.  When he walks in off the street, you think you're in a bar somewhere out on the prairie.  One of these days I'll get up enough nerve to talk to him, mostly to find out if he's single!!!

Anyway, after a dinner of popcorn and peanuts, at least that was my plan, I headed downstairs to find the entire setup already complete.  The Castle Lawyer had arrived and taken care of business.  I LOVE it when she's there!

Everything went according to plan, except the vile calculating contraption I call the infernal machine has taken the debit/credit card machine under it's wing and caused havoc all night long.  Actually I'm sure that had a lot to do with operator error, but it frustrated the Castle Lawyer and I very nicely.  She hasn't used it in some time, being out sick and all.

No matter what we did, it got locked up, with no amount of pushing buttons having any affect whatsoever.  The mini-me infernal machine had to be unplugged THREE times!!

I passed on the stomach churning brownies and the homemade fudge, but got hung up on the best little Philippine taquitos (they have a name, but it escapes me this early in the morning) I've ever had. Still hungry, I followed that up with a hot dog ... nothing else, just a hot dog, that inspired instant rumbling distress in my stomach that continues to this very moment.  It's TUMS for breakfast!!  Woohoo!
It was an unusual night in that there were no fights or arguments and everyone yelled Bingo loud enough to collect their money.  We had NOT a lot of people, but some really big spenders and gave out a total of $4,750 in prizes.  Those big spenders just make us all shake our heads as we count out all their nickels, dimes and pennies.

Since I can never sleep once I get home, I spent an hour working on the next quilt block.  I spent the rest of my restless, sleepless night thinking about the house in Arizona, not to mention the rally that begins tomorrow.   Did I pack everything??   The answer is NOT YET.
Last night I received two emails from the rally organizers looking for tables and other stuff for the outdoor orientation, since the indoor one was taken up by someone else.  Hopefully there won't be a downpour, but I'm not holding my breath.  So I'm off to add more to the load in the Jeep, wash the windshield, load the food, both dog, bird and people, check the air in all ten tires and wash clothes to take with me. 

The good news ..... I've been stressing about the auditing job I've been doing for the Elks, especially since I'm really not there enough.  Last night a wonderful gentlemen came up to me and said he had just been appointed Audit Committee Chairman.  I jumped for joy!!!!!  Best news EVER!!  For one, he's done every job around at both the local and district level, so he knows his stuff.  The bad news ... I have to attend a dinner tonight ... taking away more of my packing time.  I'm mostly excited because finally there's someone to show me the ropes as far as the Elks requirements.  Nancy's a happy camper!!

It's time to get packing!!


  1. Enjoy the Rally and let your friend worry about the auditing.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Love Robert,especially in Lomesome Dove. Introduce yourself,you might get lucky. LOL

    1. You and I think alike!! Next time I'll check the ring finger! LOL

  3. Try passing a small Batch of brownies 🍪his xxx Wow I mean there way
    Offer Maybe some for the misses in a bag to go ????😇
    Good brownies will brake the ICE any day 🤞
    Good luck

    1. I'm not sure brownies will go with beer, but I'll give anything a try!!

  4. Have fun in 'Sac', sounds like a real good rally. ENJOY

    1. I will Dave. I think we are going to the automobile museum, the train museum and hitting the underground tour, which I'm really looking forward to!!