Saturday, April 15, 2017

Spring Babies!!

Springtime is the time for new babies.  On the ranch, we spent many hours riding through the herd of cattle looking for cows who were calving.  When those calves hit the ground, they were worth a lot of blood, sweat and tears, not to mention dollar signs.   We spent a lot of time making sure they were A-okay.  There's nothing cuter than a baby calf.  Well maybe a baby giraffe!!

Back in New York, there's a new baby being born as I type.  April the giraffe shown here, has been on everyone's radar for the last two months.  I'm not sure if they guessed the date wrong or not, but people have been watching April "live" ever since the Vets told people she was going to have her baby any time (which was two months ago).  I was lucky ... I just clocked in last night and this morning there was BABY ... almost anyway!!

She's still in labor, but don't worry, I won't show you any graphic pictures.  Everyone is pretty excited, including her paddock-mate/hubby next door.
While I watched the Giants WIN last night's game against the Colorado Rockies, I finished up this needlepoint canvas.  Now to find someone to mat and frame it ... which will probably end up being me.  Needlepoint is fast becoming a lost art.  The last two shops I could buy canvas and thread from (a mere 2-1/5 hours drive) have closed.  It's a sign of the times I suppose, but I'm sure going to miss it!!  That is when I finish the last four canvases I have .... which should be in about ten years!!
AND WE HAVE A NEW BABY GIRAFFE!!!!  Congratulations April!!!  150 lbs of baby, born at 6:56 California time.  Baby is already holding it's head up and moving it's legs around.  Proud dad is running circles in the paddock next door.  
Another Halloween project ... I just LOVE Halloween!!  This was all done on my new embroidery machine.  It's a learn as you go process.  The batting I used is WAY too thick, make the panels stiff as a board.   Now that the sections are sewn together, I'll add black borders for my first embroidery masterpiece.  Nope ... no idea where I'm going to hang it.  It's not exactly COWBOY!!
In an effort not to be wasteful ... I mean really, what can you do with a leftover cup of cream ... I whipped up another 15 minute batch of Instant Pot flan.  Made with 1% milk this time and the leftover cream, it can't be all THAT bad calorie-wise.   I can tell you it's DELICIOUS!!
It's good to have a success just before cooking an Easter ham.  Not really "cooking" but heating with lots of goodies to give it more flavor ... like pineapple, cloves or whatever you are supposed to use.  I haven't gotten that far yet, so I better get my act together!!  The cowboy green beans with bacon and onions will be a snap in my Instant Pot.  

Baby (I just can't stop watching) in twenty minutes, has control of his/her neck and is trying to stand up.  That's a pretty amazing feat when you've got three-foot long legs.  You just want to stick your hand under it's belly and help just a tad.  I'll have pictures for you tomorrow!  It's as cute as a button!!


  1. I love creating a new recipe or do I just think I did
    Anyways I used chicken legs but one can also use chicken wings
    As for the Salsa dip you can get that either hot or mild in the potato chip section

    Chicken legs and mild green chili salsa
    I used about a half a cup of mild green chili salsa (The same kind you use for salsa dip for chips ) a pinch of salt, and a pinch of pepper, and a teaspoon of whatever spices I could find in the house (be creative throw caution to the wind and go far it )(there are no rules)(as a Cajun cook would tell you it's not the spices that makes the food it's the people that make the food)
    mix it all together
    The Salsa has a little bit of mild spice to it so I did not add any heavy hot peppers or Hot type spices
    All I did was put it in a big tray to marinate and cover it, for about five hours in the refrigerator
    I pre-started my instant pot with a cup and a half of water, while I was waiting for that to come up to temperature.
    On the stovetop high heat I sautéd The marinated chicken for about five minutes each side in olive oil
    put all the chicken in my instant pot on the strainer bring it to pressure cook for 17 minutes
    Fast release the pressure
    Put it on a flat baking pan and broiler for ever how long you like it,, or to a golden brown
    And I have to say so myself. it did come out excellent.

    1. Wow!! That's being a creative cook ... were you a chef in a former life? Sounds delicious ... I'll try it!!

  2. Itsva boy and just so stinkin cute. April kicked at the vet twice this a.m.while he was tring to check on baby.

    1. Isn't he just a cutie pie?? I was really happy to see them leave her alone all night and morning, but then as soon as they could, they all crammed around the paddock. Good for April for keeping them at a distance!!