Thursday, April 27, 2017

Time To Go

I'm pretty excited this morning to climb into my new rig and hit the road for Sacramento.  Isn't she a beauty??  Yeah, you're right.  It's not mine, nor could it ever be.  Once that car is inside, there's no storage room AT ALL.  If you look close, the base must drag along the ground as it pulls the car underneath, then is elevated to the proper height for ground clearance?  That's taking up ALL my chatchkey space!!
I finally got around to washing the windshield and checking the tire pressure on my REAL rig.  I packed a little food stuff, but left out things like cooking sherry, soy sauce ... all those things you carry for a much longer trip.  I even left all the bread in the freezer at home since I'm watching the carbs much more closely.  

Next up, I checked the tire pressure on the Jeep and used my new Ryobi compressor.  It looks like it would only work for basketballs or bicycle tires, but I have to say this little workhorse is great for the Jeep tires.  The battery even worked after having sat in the car for probably three months.   Of course the tires only hold 34 pounds of pressure, but this baby worked like a charm.  SO much easier to drag around than my huge air compressor.
I spent the rest of the afternoon making note after note of the things I don't want to forget.  Yup ... I'm a sticky note person.  I have them everywhere.  It's not that I can't remember, I've just got too many other things swishing around in my brain.  Like OH RATS!!!  I forgot to go to the grocery store yesterday and pick up something for the first day's appetizers.  No really, I did forget.  Definitely should have written THAT one down.

Late afternoon, I gathered up and organized the audit binder I created and trotted down to the Elks Lodge for my free Committee Chairman dinner/meeting.  I figure if I go to enough of these, I'll get my $147 worth of dues in food!!  Wasn't I surprised when the NEW chairman said I was required to read and approve the outside auditor's report and findings before I step down.  I mean really, he could have waited until AFTER I ate my steak (which was delicious by the way).

I told him it was too late ... I stepped down an hour ago when I walked in the door.  In fact, I was told originally that was NOT on my list of duties.  This nice gentleman has been around FOREVER and knows all the rules, so I acquiesced with the statement OH GEE, I'll be gone to officially assume the property I purchased in Arizona.  "Well you COULD appoint someone" he says.  

Instantly, YOU, flashed through my head.  My bad .... I let him think I would work around my schedule, but in truth, I'll be gone the entire month the audit becomes available.   My "appointment" will be forthcoming!!

Forgetting the appetizers I have to produce for this afternoon's happy hour, I worked on finishing this elephant for my quilt.  There's so many cute designs, it's hard to pick which ones to make.  
I'm a little slow this morning, but should have everything packed up and ready to leave by noon, with one short stop to find something edible for happy hour.  It's about a three hour drive, owing only to the bad roads and a couple of tricky turnoffs, not to mention traffic.  I better get cracking!!


  1. Have a great time,I always take more food than we eat, have to carry it back into house.

    1. I used to do the same thing. Fortunately this time I'm only gone for a couple of days, so I didn't pack much.