Friday, March 3, 2017

SO Many Internet SCAMS!!

The internet has made life SO much easier.  I don't have to dive into all the traffic driving 30 miles or more to get things I need at home ... I can just go online and order it shipped right to my door.  Unfortunately, that also means giving out your email address and phone number.  Here's a tip ... you can have as many email addresses as you like, so set one up to use only for those online orders.  All the junk you receive can be handily deleted and not bothered with.

As Nick Russell has stated many times, there's hundreds of ways people will try to get in your wallet or your bank account.  From your son being arrested in Mexico needing an immediate money order for a lawyer to that REALLY big refund you are getting from the IRS ... don't fall for ANY of them.  If the tiniest little question pops up in your head ... DON'T DO IT!!!

Here's a couple of examples of things I get EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

FedEx #4442 Cannot Make Delivery ... click here to verify information.  NO  NO  NO!!  If you think Aunt Bessy might have sent you something, PLEASE call Aunt Bessy BEFORE you even open the email.

Your Costco Gift ... Maybe give Costco a call first.  I sincerely doubt that businesses are giving away free prizes.

Your Order Refund is Ready to be Processed.  If you did NOT order something (or even if you did), please DO NOT fill out any form with your bank information ... or ANY information for that matter.   Don't think "how lucky am I, they made a mistake and I'm getting $300 in my account".  What you will find is they will take three times that amount OUT of your account.  Don't fall for this scam friends!!

My Friend ... Cannot Make Delivery.  Verify information.  Did you order something?  Is it your birthday? If you can't nail down who sent you something, IGNORE the message.  Sometimes the English or the spelling will be a dead giveaway.

Anyone, either by Phone or Email that requests money.  HANG UP AND IGNORE.  Call the Police and report it if you feel the need.  If they threaten to kill your relative or keep them in prison forever, tell them you did't like him anyway.

Urgent Answer Required ... That's code for I want to get in your bank account, not your pants, in which case I might just talk for a minute or two!!

FBI Code 43254.  Unless you've sent a message about something blowing up ... I hesitate to write "those words" .... trust me, the FBI could care less about you.  Maybe if you're a Nazi spy or something, but if you're just a regular person, this TOO is a scam.

IRS is BLOCKING all your Bank Accounts.  RESPOND IMMEDIATELY!!  NO NO NO!!!  The IRS won't send you an email OR call you on the phone.  Do NOT give out any of your bank information to ANYONE over the internet.  Tell them to take the house, it's a mess since the fire anyway.

BMW CEO - Stables of Lotteries and Promotions.  Verify information for your winnings.  Do you really think BMW is giving away money or maybe a car?  There's how many people in the world and you are just SO lucky?  Listen to this one ... I'm going to win a 217 BMW and $800,000.  If this ended up in my junk folder, it's because of internet gaming restrictions.  I should take this seriously.   They are licensed by the International Association of Gaming Regulators.  Call this number, whereupon they will tell you to pay the $12,000 tax to their account before it can be delivered.  SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!

I receive not 5 or 6 of these scams a day, I receive in the hundreds since my email address has been mine for many, MANY years.  Please don't give up your hard earned money to these criminals who seem to come up with better and better ways to convince you they are legit.  Unfortunately the ease of the internet dictates we must be ever more vigilant of our bank accounts.

I spent a lot of time yesterday with this crazy dog.  Just like a little boy, he's so darn cute when he's sleeping, but when he wakes up, he's a tornado around the rig!!
I finished up three more quilt blocks before dismantling my machine.  Due to some upcoming commitments, I have to return to California.  Hopefully my house hasn't floated away in all the rain they have been having.    I'm very happy to say I'm not leaving today, since the winds have picked up to the point I can barely open my door!!  
After watching granddaughter Laila at her horseback riding lesson (pictures tomorrow) Patty, Dan and I went to Saguaro Corners for dinner.  This is the John Wayne burger.  Good grief it was HUGE!!!  So big that when I cut it in half, it wouldn't stay upright.  Cooked to perfection, I ate every single bite.  By midnight, I was wishing I had only eaten half as I choked down some Tums.  UGH ... I should have known better.  On Thursday nights they have small bands playing really great music on the patio.  Go early!!
I have a couple of errands to run today, one to purchase screens for the heater vents on the outside of my rig.  Thanks to my neighbors Paula and Greg (did I get your names right?  You know I'm terrible at names) we found some wasp nests.  You'll find out tomorrow if I got stung!!


  1. My email junk/spam box catches nearly all of that stuff, it is the phone that is the problem. It gets me real upset too because the phone companies "CAN" do things about it if they wish...but they are in on the $$$$'s. Spamers, mostly from foreign countries, buy blocks of numbers so that they can sit there in Nigeria and call through those block numbers making it look like it is from Ohio, Florida, where ever. I started capturing these numbers and saving them in what I call Zspam#. I then set those numbers to "not ring" on my phone. I can associate 5 phone numbers with each Zspam, and I am currently up to Zspam11, that's 55 numbers, and have been capturing them since late December. So if a call comes through that I don't know, I don't answer...if they don't leave a message, they get put into a Zspam# contact. At least my phone is not ringing and ringing like it use to. I also, through Verizon website, set up 000-000-0000 and 999-999-9999 as blocked numbers, which has stopped nearly all "unknown" numbers from getting through.

    1. You are SO right Dave! My phone gets lots of call too ... and they seem to know towns around me because that's what comes up on my display. Really irritating. My blocked number set is ScamCrap!! LOL