Saturday, March 4, 2017

Honing My B & E Skills

That's not Breakfast and Entertaining ... it's Breaking and Entering!!  Yup -- at least I'm handy at SOMETHING!!

While checking outside my rig for weird smells ... it's a pain to have a sensitive nose ...  my neighbor Greg noticed a wasp nest in my heater exhaust.  Well that's a good way to start a fire!!  He pulled it out with his handy dandy leatherman tool.    We made another round of the rig, whereupon I looked one more time in the exhaust vent to find another, even larger nest.  YIKES!!  This is NOT good.

Luckily I had run the heater several times, burning them out (so I did NOT get stung), and thankfully did NOT catch anything on fire.  Greg says .. you know Nancy, they make screens for these things.  No, I didn't know that, but I'm getting one.  With no definite conclusions on the smell other than at least it wasn't propane (maybe something someone was smoking), I headed off to Camping World to pick up said screens.  Take note here ... as I left, I noticed the other neighbor's generator was running.  That's weird!!
Upon my return with the screens, I read and REREAD the directions for attachment.  It's a well made screen with a cheap spring to hold it in place.  That doesn't bode well for going down the highway, but I'll give it a shot.  Isn't it amazing what you can learn even after 6 or 7 years of RV'ing?  Finally installed, I was beginning to be overwhelmed by gas fumes from the STILL running generator.  
I asked Greg if he could turn it off, but he said the bay doors were locked.  I pounded on the door, but no one answered.  Greg and Paula were the recipients of MUCH more exhaust than I was, which seemed to activate our breaking and entering set of skills.  

I walked to the office and asked they please contact the owner of the rig to return and hit the OFF button.  If not, I wanted permission to shut it off myself.  He said okay and I was out the door in a flash!!  

I won't tell you how we opened the bay door, because there's no use telling ALL my secrets.  Besides, some unscrupulous character might read this and decide to try it on YOUR rig.  At any rate, being a careful listener of Mr. Chance's fountain of information, the door was opened and Greg was able to shut it off after SIX hours of noise!!  There were high fives all around!!   There's nothing more exhilarating than honing your skills!!

Later, the owner returned early only because his wife thought she might have left the frying pan on the hot stove.  Good grief people!!!  We all might have burned up!!  PLEASE take the time to SLOWLY and DELIBERATELY walk around your rig every single time before leaving, to make sure everything is turned OFF!!!  
The last supper at the Chance residence was another Patty HIT ... a chicken and pasta casserole.  It's hard to say goodbye to such good friends, but we'll catch up in a couple of months at a California Rally.

For those heading this direction for the Escapade, here's your new digs.  Full hookups newly installed.  Just be careful of the deep gully you have to cross to get in to the spaces, unless they have a secret entrance somewhere.  My rig wouldn't make it without going at a sharp angle (and maybe not even then), which has been known to break windshields ... so please be careful!!  
I'm heading out this morning .... my timing couldn't be better.  There is a huge Gun Show starting today.  Wish I had known, I would have stayed a couple of extra days, but alas the Magic Kingdom says they require my services for a few weeks, so I'm heading off this morning to the Castle.

I'm going to miss the Coyotes who sing to me every morning!!


  1. If the generator people have full hookups, why was the generator on??? Some people do strange things...

    1. I'm guessing they were running it to keep it in good condition, but he ran off and left it on!! I'm not sure why he couldn't hear it ... I could hear it in my rig with my television on LOUD!! LOL

  2. Drive safe, Calif. is expecting another storm this week-end.

    1. I see that ... it looked good when I made the plans. Not worried about rain, just don't like the wind.

  3. Maybe they were doing the monthly exercising of the generator while they would be away so THEY didn't have to listen to it?

    1. You're probably right Linda ... but they were gone almost six hours!! That's crazy!!