Thursday, March 16, 2017

Here, There and Everywhere

I was all over the map yesterday, at least in my little corner of the world.  I spent a couple of hours .. you guessed it .. unloading more stuff from the rig.  It's still not all out, but at least it's out on the couch, the bed, the floor, the counters.  Even though I THINK I have two of everything, it appear's I'm mistaken.

First my GPS watch battery went dead ... cord was in the rig.  Then my phone cord said (after four months) that it wasn't made for this phone and refused to work, requiring a trip to the rig to get the only remaining iPhone cord.  Then there was the cord for my embroidery machine.

I already brought all that stuff in, as you can tell my the horrible mess on my cutting table.  I set up the machine, but alas ... where's the cord?  That precipitated FOUR trips to the motorhome.  I went through every box and bag in the house, then every cupboard in the rig, including moving the slides out to access under the bed, FOUR times!!!  NOTHING!  St Anthony ... WHERE ARE YOU??

By the end of the hour, I was screaming St Anthony, St Anthony .. please come around.  Something's been lost and can't be found.  It works every time.  Four trips back and forth later and I finally found the cord inside the little compartment attached to the machine.  Who in the world put it THERE!!  Yeah, I know, there's only one person who lives here.
My first stop was Home Depot to purchase the rest of the required shelving since I measured right and bought wrong.  When I'm done, there will be another set stacked on top of these.  Won't THAT be fun putting all those shelves together!!  Don't worry, they actually give you brackets so you can screw them to the wall.  I'm getting a couple extra just because I don't want them falling on my head.
Next up I went to Miranda's to collect my money for the furniture and what should I see but MY FURNITURE!!  That was pretty weird!!  I forgot to mention, they also took the five foot tall bird cage that used to be Jonathan's home.  It's been in the garage for years!  He's getting up in age, and a three foot fall from the perch (which happens occasionally) would be a BAD thing.  

I dropped off my taxes at the Merced Office, who will send it up to Stockton for preparation.  I'm really NOT looking forward to that since I have no deductions any more.  

After a quick haircut, I went back home to stare at the fridge.  There is a "formal" dinner coming up at the Elks which I always decline.  Levis and boots aren't exactly considered formal wear.  After trying on everything in my closet, my only solution is to diet like crazy for two weeks.  That is exceedingly hard for me ... I LOVE food!!

What about those prepared meals I was ordering?  You might want to finish your breakfast before reading the rest of this.  

My favorite was the carne asada with rice.  I ate the first one.  Upon eating the second one, I discovered a long black hair on my plate.  I'm pretty sure it wasn't mine.  The next time I ate one I found a long black hair on my fork.  I double checked the color of my hair, just to be sure.  Nope ... not mine.  I nuked the heck out of it, investigated every single piece of rice with a clean fork and ate the rest.

For the piece de resistance ... I was dumb enough to try the last container ... and yes ... found ANOTHER long black hair.  That was it.  I threw all of them in the trash and called the guy.  He really didn't seem to be very concerned.  I reminded him of the need to wear hairnets when preparing food.  Oh he says ... we do ... but the people who cut up the meat for us do NOT!!  

Okay then ... thank you very much.  I won't be ordering any more.  I've decided to make my own. Although they may not be quite as tasty, at least I won't be pulling long black hairs from my mouth.  HOW DISGUSTING!!

That's another reason I ordered the Instant Pot.  Apparently it's the Canadian version of a pressure cooker with lots of other possibilities ... like cheesecake (not diet friendly) and yogurt.  I have a pressure cooker ... I used to cook with it all the time in the "old days".  I don't use it now because eight quarts of food is just a little too much for one person.

Today I will continue to clean and put away.  Hopefully getting the shelving up will help a lot towards that end.  Maybe I'll even do a little embroidery since St Anthony found my power cord!!


  1. I bought my Instant Pot at Target. I have made two cheesecakes. Yummy! I tried to make yogurt but it was a failure. I will try again.

    1. Carol, I've heard the cheesecakes are wonderful. Can't wait for mine to arrive!!

  2. Saint Anthony put it there he was testing you

    1. It's funny Ed ... Saint Anthony seems to test me ALL the time!!! He just wants to keep me on my toes!

  3. I forgot to mention that I have made numerous other recipes and food items in the Instant Pot, too. Some have turned out better than others, but it is definitely a keeper. Today's yogurt recipe turned out great. The IP has revitalized my interest in cooking. I saw one at Walmart today, as well as a Farberware pressure cooker.

    1. From what I hear, people have two and three units they cook with. I'm guessing I will want two ... as in one for the rig!! I'll check out my local Walmart!