Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Magic Kingdom Land

You all KNOW how much I just LOVE the Magic Kingdom!!  It was stressful enough just getting my puppies back.  Having to deal with the peasants put the icing on the cake!!
Up early yesterday starving half to death from lack of dinner the night before and now breakfast because I had an appointment for blood tests, I wandered around my empty house.  Jonathan was not a happy camper having been left alone, so I spent some one-on-one time with him on my shoulder.  He loves to snuggle your ear and clean your hair.

I finally drove over to the medical center ... it's basically just a big house since remember, this is the armpit of California ... when I was accosted by what looked like a homeless person driving a very beat up car.  It took me a minute to figure out he was really talking to ME.  Seems my right side brakes lights are out.  I thanked him for the notice ... I appreciate that since there's no one to ever check my lights with me.

Blood tests over, I made a beeline to the Vets office to pick up the puppies.  Talk about a shocker!!  They were due for their rabies, parvo and bordetella shots, which I told them to do while I was gone.  Those aren't cheap by any means!!  Add to that the office call they charged me for EACH dog in order to give the shots, the boarding and the heartworm/flea/tick medications they require and the total came to a whopping $588!!!!!!!!!  That's just ridiculous!!!

As soon as I get down to Arizona on my next trip, I'm taking my dogs to a Vet there.  I'm willing to bet it will be half the cost.  At any rate, the puppies were thrilled to be home, running around the back yard like race horses marking every single bush.  They spent the rest of the afternoon on my lap until it was time to go to the Magic Kingdom, which they weren't the least bit happy about!!

The Magic Kingdom was it's normal self, except some gremlins had gotten into the safe/storeroom and moved everything about.  That angered the Games Knight and ME, since we could no longer find our proper supplies.  The first 30 minutes was spent putting everything back.  I was pretty sure I knew who the culprit was.  As soon as she came in, I went into a short rant about "WHO" had committed such a travesty.   It's all important to keep things in a particular order.  Mixing them up can cause as many as ten Bingo's on one game, something we NEVER want to do.

She remained perfectly silent.  The next thing I know, she and the moneychanger have tried to institute all kinds of new rules.  That didn't fly either.  Neither she nor the moneychanger are accountants or auditors, meaning they have no idea of the controls we have set in place for our cash box.  I put the kibosh to that immediately.  We have rules around here!!  Go bother the guys in the back if you want, but leave us alone!!  Apparently we have a Spy in our midst, so now I have to be ever more vigilant!!

The brand new Bingo machine caused quite a stir when it decided not to illuminate a couple of numbers ... that's DISASTER in Bingoland!!  The peasants were in an uproar!  At long last .... and it was a LONG night .... the Castle Lawyer and I closed the cash register, balancing to a T.

I have one more fight on my hands ... the moneychanger thinks we should allow the peasants to charge their Bingo cards to their credit card.  We have never allowed that ... EVER.  As a responsible person, I think that's just ridiculous to gamble on credit, not to mention the fact I think it's illegal in California unless you are at an Indian Reservation Casino.  At any rate, we refused to accept credit cards.  I'm sure as soon as I'm gone again, the rules will vanish like Cinderella's chariot.  Until then, I've donned my armor for the big fight.

I finally got some food in my stomach ... a rather charred cheeseburger from the castle kitchen.  I was up most of the night.  Today I'm going shopping for Instant Pot groceries, after which I plan on being a couch potato and snuggling with my puppies.  Tomorrow I'll get the results of the blood tests and report on the medications from Mexico the next day.


  1. Isn't it wonderful to see the joy in the dog(s) when you come home? With Skruffy, it doesn't matter if I have been gone an hour or five hours, she is just as happy as can be.

    1. I just love it Dave ... they are ALWAYS happy to see us!! Even my usual sedate Jessie jumped around and gave me kisses!!

  2. News from ADT would like you to be the first on your block to try there new security system
    In one of your AZ photos I spotted an old outdated ATD sign in the walk way
    Now there is a new and improved version from ADT
    Please put your cup down and watch
    Cut and paste You'll love this one

    1. I'm pretty sure that won't be needed in my house since I never let anyone inside anyway!! It made me laugh though!!