Monday, March 13, 2017

Screw A Into B Before C

I don't know what everyone's secret is to remaining sane upon arrival at your stick house.  I'm immediately overwhelmed with all the work there is to do.  Try as I might to remove just a few loads a day, there is always SOMETHING that I need, which requires ANOTHER trip outside.

I'm pretty sure the mold index is 5000 because I seem to arrive back in the house sneezing with a runny nose every time.  I'm buying stock in Kleenex.

One of my urgent problems is the huge stack of stuff I received with my embroidery machine can only reside on the sewing room floor.  There isn't room for anything.  Stuff like the four table lamps need to go.

Thinking a quick trip to Home Depot might assuage (oooh a big word ... where did THAT come from?) my inclination to keep unloading and possibly hurt myself, I decided to drive to town.  My faithful old pickup truck started right up and ran like a champ.

Although I had measured my space, all that went right out the window when I saw the shelves.  They only had one white one left, so I not-so-gracefully loaded it up.  These things are HEAVY!!  Once home I began the construction project.  I have to give it up to ClosetMaid.  Every numbered instruction said to make sure the painted side was out.  I didn't make even ONE mistake!!
Although I should have used my drill to install those twelve screws, it came together nicely, whereupon I discovered it's not wide enough.  It looked a LOT bigger on the shelf above my head at the store.  My plan was to get two, but in fact, I need three more for a total of four.  Won't THOSE be fun to put together!!
Jonathan settled right in and began his (her) nesting routine the second the wheels of the motorhome stopped.  Did I ever mention how destructive and messy parrots are?  Once inside, he talked up a storm, making an even bigger mess of the cage in the house.  He kittied kittied so much he had both dogs howling up a storm.  What a zoo THAT was, compounded by my hammering on the shelves.
One thing birds have is amazing eyesight.  I suppose that helps to keep them alive in the jungle.  Around here however, it keeps Jonathan supplied with goodies.  I can walk around with a sandwich and I never hear a peep out of him.  Walk to the couch with a cracker and Hello Jonathannnnn instantly comes out of his beak.  It's even worse if it happens to be a peanut butter cookie.  What a beggar this guy is!!!
Dinner was a disaster.  I never thought I would be tired of grilled cheese sandwiches, but that's about all I've had in the last week.  I found one half dead potato and cooked it with the remaining sausage.  It was so dry I added some frozen peas.  Pretty sad, but it got me by the first night.  

At the bottom of my rig freezer I found a small bag of stew meat.  YAY ... something NEW!!  I filled the bag with everything I could find in the fridge to marinate it to tasty deliciousness, thinking I would serve it over some of the instant rice I found in a box WAY in the back of my cupboard.  

Let me be the first to say stew meat should only be used to make stew.  I figured to brown it in my cast iron skillet, then let it simmer for an hour or so.  It smelled wonderful!  I cooked the slightly stale instant rice and topped it with the beautifully browned meat.  Now for a taste test!!

It might have been edible if it was chewable.  That meat was like trying to chew up the soles of my boots.  Good GRIEF!!!  I cut it into even smaller pieces.  If I didn't have great teeth, I'm sure they would have all fallen out.  Tough as NAILS describes it just right.  It definitely WAS good for my diet since I only ate about three small pieces.  I think a trip to the grocery store today would be a good thing.  Maybe I'll stop by Lowes and see if they have any more shelving while I'm at it.


  1. Nancy,
    What you need is a small Instant Pot. (Electric pressure cooker). That stew meat would have been fork tender in minutes! Everyone that has them has nothing but good things to say about them.

    Been wondering how you are doing on the cholesterol statin drugs? You may have mentioned it and I missed it. Hope they are not giving you any side effects.

    Getting ready to face 12- 18 inches of snow here tomorrow. :(
    Karen in Philadelphia

    1. What a GREAT idea Karen. I'm getting an instant pot today!!
      No side effects with the statin ... in fact, since I started taking it in January, the nightly headaches I woke up with are gone. May just be a coincidence ... blood tests the end of March will give me the numbers. I'll post the results.

  2. Maybe I'll get the spelling right this time ???

    Let's see if I get this right Loadup bring it to the house go back and get more stuff loaded up go back and get more stuff sounds like poor planning
    You see the key to the whole thing is when you buy something you buy 2 of,, 1 for the motorhome and one for the house,, that way you have Less transitioning

    That new word falls in the dollar class I had to look it up ??thanks

    Now as for the shelves yes the painted side always sticks out
    Now I find it very ironic that a woman going to Home Depot makes a mistake You women have a tendency to measure and calculate and configurator things that you need and you do it so perfectly
    Now man on the other hand we don't ask directions if it looks about right it's FIT hopefully if not we have a box full of nails board tools screws drill's hammers saws air gun we will make that sucker FIT
    The only thing that we need is a note from Home it says were allowed to spend $$$$$ at Lowes or Home Depot better known as the MEN,S store

    Now for that wonderful moldy mildew sneezy Wheezing hacking sniffling headachy feeling
    you must've missed one of the blogs in gypsy journal
    As Mr. Russell calls it a wonderful product it,s called damp rid
    in your case put one in each room
    And as far as Jonathan goes ,, Jonathan is being Jonathan
    Peanut butter cookies Are made for one thing,, sharing ,, don't be greedy
    And last but not least you went out and spent a lot of money to have a smart phone and here's how it works
    ,,,Google ,,,restaurants that deliver in my area
    See isn't modern technology great
    And that would make post hole digger's the thing of the past

    1. Ed ... I HAVE two of practically everything!! It's things like dirty laundry, two big camera bags, cowboy boots (could leave those), eight bags of material I bought, cleaning out the freezer (that was the worst), dog food, bird food, embroidery machine and three boxes of stuff that came with it. I have to say I bought less this year than ever ... and socks. I never have enough socks.

  3. Karen you're right Nancy could use a little pot right about now,,she's beyond drug testing

    1. An INSTANT pot Ed .... just the smell of the other kind makes me sick as a dog.