Thursday, March 9, 2017

Deja Vu !!

Funny ... it feels like I just drove past these beautiful flowers a few hours ago.  Oh yeah ... I did!!  They were just as pretty the second time around!!
It was NOT as boring a drive as I expected, since the scenery was beautifully green, the skies blue and there was NO wind!!  YAY!!
I won't bore you with the details of the same scenery, I'll bore you with some leftovers from Tucson instead.  My days and image dates are so messed up, I apologize if I've told you this or shown these pictures before.  It all seems to be a blur.    

Before I left the first time, Patty, Dan and I went to Saguaro Corners for dinner.  THIS time, instead of mac 'n cheese, I ordered the John Wayne Burger.  I'm sure you can't get better than my Cowboy Hero John's namesake!!  It was so huge I couldn't get it to stay upright while I snapped a picture.  The burger was cooked to perfection and smothered in barbecue sauce and crispy fried onions.  YUM YUM!!!!!  I ate every single bite!  The fries were also delicious, but I didn't have any room left.
I did actually make it to the Container Store, although it was rather hard to find.  The Mall up north is on several levels, with no directory that I could find.  I drove around and around until I found the Mall Cop.  I'll ask for help.  Well that's funny ... there was NO ONE in the vehicle, and it was parked out on the road side, far from the buildings.  Maybe it was shift change or maybe he was sleeping in the back seat!!
Another couple of turns around the block and I finally found it!!  I'm a country girl ... I've never been in such a store in my life!!  SO MUCH organization stuff ... I loved it!!  It's basket time!!  Originally thinking these shelves were what I was looking for, I wasn't totally sure of the measurements, so I passed them by.  They said I could order them on-line.
I DID find a PAT chair.  Patty's sewing buddy and my newest friend has these in her sewing room.  Bungee chairs.  Whoever heard of these?  It's lightweight, on rollers, bungee comfortable to sit on and raises and lowers making it perfect for sewing, embroidery or computer work.  Cooper gave it the smell test and said it could stay.  Actually, it's going to stay in my sewing room at home.
I found some boot trees to keep my boots upright (truly necessary if you wear tall shaft boots), some C hangers to keep all those small "Barbara" purses I have (taking up valuable storage space) hanging in my closet, a pink thingy (I've no idea what it's called) that keeps my razor on the shave cream can instead of the shower floor and a package of gizmos that keep your phone cords handy instead of hanging down the side of my kitchen cabinets.    Did you notice I name things after the people who suggested the great ideas?
In the end, I wound up at the favorite RV store, Walmart, where I found these two bins of shelves that fit perfectly in my closet.  I even have TWO drawers still empty.  I'll work on filling those next month in Sacramento.
At any rate, I finally arrived in Quartzsite, fueled up for my epic run to Indio, a two hour drive assuming I don't get lost, and parked at my favorite Park Place RV Park.  Most of the winter visitors have left, leaving the 12 spaces around me completely empty.  The dogs can bark all they want!!  

I contemplated unhooking the Jeep and hitting up Silly Als for some pizza, but fell asleep watching Josh Gates crawl through the tiniest of underground caves that made me close my eyes in a total claustrophobic attack.  It wasn't any better when he went cave diving (I was gasping for air in two seconds), something even as an instructor, I could NEVER do.  It's a good thing I fell asleep.
Keeping close eyes on the time ... I don't want to arrive in Indio before noon, because you know how you can get in trouble for that ... I'll hang out with the puppies for a few hours.  

I haven't forgotten Granddaughter Laila's horseback riding ... I just have to dig back through my files and find the pictures.  Happy Trails .......