Monday, March 6, 2017

Can You Believe The Weather Man?

That would be a resounding NO!!  I have THREE weather apps on my phone and they all said to stay put since 20-25 mph winds with gusts up to 60 would be blowing dirt and sand my entire route, not to mention the snow over Tehachapi.  Being the conservative scaredy cat I am, I decided to wait it out in Indio.

Here's the last beautiful Tucson sunset that happened when my camera was packed safely in it's case. Patty let me use her phone to capture it.  
At any rate, since I couldn't get in touch with anyone at the Elks Lodge RV Park in Indio, I waited around Quartzsite just long enough for the winds to come up nicely.  Actually it wasn't too bad for the first hour, then the crosswinds began.  Even though I had not dumped ANY of my tanks and had filled my water tank, it pushed me back and forth across my lanes like a drunken sailor.  

By the time I made it over the last hump into Indio, it finally quit ... just in time for me to stop at the Elks Lodge.  I've never been here before ... that always puts me on edge.  Ready to check in, I was informed that NO ONE checks in before noon.  I burned that into my memory as I parked on the side and waited.  Really, I had no problem with that at all, since it gave me a chance to relax before the big parking test ... backing in.

In no time, there were 18 rigs parked around me trying to get their toads hooked up.  They were a Southern California Tiffin Owners group heading to the FMCA rally in Chandler.
While waiting, since it was close to lunch, I decided to try Barbara Westerfield's latest trick for reheating pizza.  Fry it!!  Sounds weird, right?  Instead of nuking it, fry it in a frying pan.  I'm here to tell you that pizza was twice as good as when it was first purchased.  Nice crispy crust ... just delicious!!  I would recommend you thaw your pizza first however.  I plunked mine down frozen and it took a little longer.  The pan is empty because I scarfed it down in 30 seconds.
About that time I checked my phone, then looked at my watch.  NO WONDER they thought I was early.  Somewhere along the line I missed the time change.  Lo and behold, I knew the check-in crew.  They host the Elks Park in Florence Oregon where I stay at least twice every year.  They actually came and got me an hour later for my parking exercise.  Luckily, the three spaces across from me were empty, so it was a cinch to park.  NOW however, those spaces have been filled and I doubt I can make the turn to get OUT. 
The only tiny problem was the couple who walked their dogs right in front of mine, just as I was exiting the door.  I try really hard to be sure no one is around, since Jessie doesn't like other dogs AT ALL.  She barked up a storm.  

I immediately said "my dogs are not dog friendly" (as I tried to hush her up) which usually results in the other people moving their dogs further away.  Oh gee the man said ... you have two yappers ... as he let his dogs run right up to Jessie (????)  If you told me your dog was not DOG friendly, I would cut a wide path.   Some people just don't have a clue.  

I've had Miss Jessie for eight years and I LIKE that she barks.  No one gets near my rig or my house without me knowing.  Being single, that's a good thing!  I know there are barky dogs that probably irritate you (and sometimes me) to no end, but please be patient ... you don't know what that dog has been through that's making him a barker.    Jessie came from a puppy mill where she had to fight for food.  That's the reason I get up at 5:00 in the morning, so they can be walked when no other dogs are around.

It's been exceptionally quiet here, okay, maybe a few barking puppies.  I actually got some sleep last night with no jet engine heat pumps next door.   How can YOU sleep with all that noise?  Please get a small electric heater for when you are plugged in at a park.  It's SO much quieter for everyone!!

I checked the weather this morning and the "BIG" storm that would last through Monday night has magically disappeared.  I could easily leave this morning with lots of huchy-ing around to get "un-parked" and make it back in time for the Magic Kingdom of Bingo, but I've already changed my Bakersfield reservations three times.  I really hate to call them again, so I'll stay here in beautiful downtown Indio one more day.

Since California time will change in a few days to the same as Arizona, which I'm used to, I got up at 4:00 this morning.  I can hear everyone saying UGH ... NO WAY!!!  It's okay, that means I'm going to bed at 8:30!!!  


  1. We always wonder why they can't hear the noise inside their rigs,when it keeps us awake.

    1. Exactly!! I just can't imagine how they sleep through it!!

  2. There is no Life form awake at 5 o'clock in the morning,, you just think there is
    And if you're up at 5 o'clock in the morning you're giving morning a bad name
    Life doesn't start until 9 AM with coffee bagel and coffee and yes in that order
    This was posted before my nap

    1. Hahaha you are probably right Ed!! I wish that was my life, but unfortunately, I have these two puppies. Maybe SOME day I'll get to sleep in!!