Thursday, March 2, 2017

Just Smelling The Roses

Some days it's good to just sit and smell the roses.  In spite of my want to see absolutely everything, it was time for a day of rest with the puppies.  It didn't turn out exactly as I planned because even when you plan nothing, the jello gets shaken by the wind in Arizona and plans change.

It's so nice to hang out in my 74 degree rig.  It's been cold and windy the last few days so I cranked up the heat for the puppies and Jonathan.  That's when I received the phone call from the place I purchased the embroidery machine.  

As part of my "deal", I got All Access for free.  It's a monthly magazine packed full of designs and instructions, including a CD.  Usually, they send it to the store and you pick it up.  Since I live in California, I paid the postage to have it sent to me there.  The phone call said my book had arrived at the shop.

Wait ... it's supposed to be shipped!!  Two calls later they verified that fact and said they would mail it.

Wait!!  I'm still in Arizona, I'll stop by and pick it up.  There began the saga of All Access.  I finally left my den of warmth and snuggly puppies in a terrible wind and drove 35 minutes to the store.  OH! the salesperson said ... we can't find your magazine.  We looked everywhere!!  Sorry ... there's nothing I can do, you'll have to come back later.

Ah NO ... I drove 35 minutes to get here ... I'm not going anywhere.  When I gave her the names of two ladies I had spoken to, she finally reluctantly called one.    Long story short, the book magically appeared in the file cabinet at her feet.  I assume they will mail the rest of the books once a month, I asked?   I have no idea she stated.  Okaaaaaay then ........... did you ever notice that sometimes the roses don't smell so good?

I'll call the company myself.  It's funny how once you've purchased something, the service thing goes out the window.  No worries, I've got a warm house and puppies happy to see me.  I spent the rest of the day on the couch, with a little embroidery on the side.

To make it even better, the sunset was rather warming and soothing, except for the part where I saw it, grabbed my camera and raced to the bandstand in my slippers, freezing because I forgot my coat.
Luckily the camera has vibration reduction, or every image would be blurry!!  Way off in the distance it started to rain as the sun was setting.  How cool is that?
You've heard of purple rain?  This was pretty close ... pinky purple rain.  I'm glad it was far away and not getting ME wet.  About that time the sprinkler on the grass below came around and got my feet wet.  Yikes!!  I looked around for a little cover.
These clouds looked like a fire breathing dragon, but I guess I have a pretty active imagination, since it doesn't look that way here.  
I could't stand it any longer ... the wind and cold was getting to be too much, even though I was hiding behind a large steel beam.  I counted my blessings as I walked back to the rig .... really fast!!
People are clearing out here since we all have to be gone by March 14th I think.  Except that is for the one next to me with the roaring jet engine for a heater.  Hillbilly Heaven (not my description, it's on the front of his rig) on the other side has a very low front tire, so I doubt he's going anywhere any time soon.  

Sometimes just smelling the roses isn't all it's cracked up to be .... time to find another attraction!!


  1. Still trying to figure out what area you are in. The last mention was in AJ. We'll be heading towards Tucson on the 16th.
    Looks like you are having fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I'm in Vail Arizona, about 20 miles South of Tucson. Maybe you are heading this way for the Escapade? Unfortunately I have to leave for California in the next couple of days so I'll miss you!!