Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Bad Day For Horse Trailers

Finally time to hit the road, I was sorry to leave Tucson.  I definitely love the desert!  One of these days I'll stop in at Picacho Peak for a little hiking and maybe get up close and personal with an ostrich.  Unfortunately, it didn't take long for traffic to get bad.
I don't usually travel on Saturdays because of the weekend warrior traffic, but already extended a week and needed to get in gear.  There was a big fire outside of town, but no fire trucks in sight.  Since it was on a farm, it must have been set on purpose.  
Having had horses all my life, horse trailers are a familiar mode of transportation.  I have a good trailer that has new tires and recently even had new brakes installed.  It's all about the safety of the horses for me.  You would never catch me going 75 or 80 mph on the highway with my trailer.  That's just crazy!!  It's a horrible rough ride for the animals.  Try riding in the back sometime!!

When I turned West on Highway 8, traffic eased up a bit.  The first horse trailer passed me going at least 75.  In no time, I had to swerve to miss a huge chunk of rubber in the road.  The horse trailer was parked on the side with two guys trying to bend the fender back into place.  

As much as I was enjoying all the wildflowers and actual green grass in the desert, I was on high alert for pickups pulling trailers.
Now on Highway 10 heading west amid this traffic, another trailer loaded with horses that just passed me began swerving and almost hit the truck to it's right, before quickly pulling over in a cloud of dust.

One right tire had blown, sending shreds of rubber all over the cars following him.  Luckily I was far enough behind to miss it all, including the half tire left in the middle of the road.
It didn't slow anyone down.  The next six horse trailer also passed me ... I remained at my safe 62 mph ... before it blew a tire, which completely ripped off the left fender.  I just don't understand why these guys are endangering their lives and everyone else, not to mention their horses, by traveling at such high speeds.  I have to say I'm thankful for the 55 mph speed limits for trailers in California.
The roadsides were beautiful, but this section is pretty boring and I began to get tired.  Time for a break, some cheetos and a long tall water bottle.
When I pulled in to Quartzsite to the (you were right Dan) Arco fuel station, it was very windy, hot and I was tired.  Instead of dry camping in the desert, I pulled in to the Park Place RV Park for a nice level, 50 amp, $23 site.  
That's when I discovered the weather from here to California includes High Wind Warnings.  RATS!!!  So I'm posting this blog Saturday night, as I'll be on the road by 6:00 am, hoping to beat the weather to Bakersfield.  Wish me luck!!

UPDATE:  Not that the weatherman is ever right, but with the high wind advisory and predicted snow over Tehachapi, I'm only going as far as Indio today.  Better safe than sorry!!


  1. Be sure to grab a box of oranges at the California Fruit Depot in Bakersfield on your way home....
    My friends stopped there and picked up my order along with plenty for themselves and I picked it up today just an hour from where I live.... mmmmmm so good. Safe journeys home for you.

    1. I will Betty ... they have the best oranges in the country!!!!

  2. Absolutely better safe than sorry. Driving in high winds is not something I ever choose to do. I'm glad you follow that rule, too.

    1. It's just not fun Linda ... gives me a headache from being so tense!!