Wednesday, October 31, 2018


At long last, I can take a small breath of relief.  We're not done yet, but as close as you can get. FIRST however ..... the RAMP OF DOOM!!

This is Farmer Scott, the ramrod of the Pumpkin Patch.  When I first came to this patch, they sold a few pumpkins out of the barn along with some cookies wife Michelle made.  I think there was a hay ride also.

In no time it morphed into hay ride, blasters, bounce pillow, time travel ride, corn maze, hay maze and automated puppet show.  The pumpkins have gone from your ordinary orange pumpkin to crazy heirloom varieties with warts and colors of the sunset.

On the last two days, you can fill a wagon with as many as you can possibly fit for $25.  They usually cost 60 cents a pound.
After paying your fee, the wagon is pulled across the RAMP OF DOOM .... dun dun dunnnnnnn.  We make it a good time by booing, cheering and generally teasing the buyer.  Scott really does go slow so  most all the pumpkins stay on.  There are about four big bumps to get over.
Someone stands by to catch anything that falls so they don't crack open.  We keep anything that falls off, you get the rest of the wagon load.  It is amazing how many some people go home with.
By 5:00 pm we had two loaves of pumpkin bread and about two cases of water left.  Everything else was gone from the snack bar.  That made it pretty easy to clean up!!  And so I closed down on the last full day of the Patch.

With only a few miles tacked on for Tuesday, the final total was 211.5 miles for 30 days of walking, running and sitting.  That just sounds incredible to me, but my legs tell me it's true.

Today will be clean up and pack up day.  Everything in the snack bar has to be broken down, washed and boxed up.  I'm really NOT looking forward to that part.  After all, cleaning is not my forte!!

I'll have a few hours to rush around and get food, a cake or pie to feed thirteen people and pack up for the next adventure.  Truthfully at this point, all I want is to lay down on my adventurous couch for the next two weeks.  

I know I'll miss everyone ... we have all become very good friends.  But WAIT!!!  We have next year!!  In the meantime, I'll buy a couple more pair of really good running shoes!!!


  1. Nice that you getting things all wrapped up. And good shoes will certainly help. Now carry on.....

  2. Amazing...that is a lot of miles. I wonder what they will add to the 'Patch' next year??? lol

    1. You're going to love this Dave .... laser guns shooting targets in the corn!! I can't wait!

  3. Love the ramp of doom! Cool idea and probably fun watching.
    That is like 7 miles a day, you deserve a rest and a new pair of runners!
    I think you have also had a ton of fun, can't tally that up in numbers though. :)

    1. They cleared out a LOT of pumpkins with the ramp. To think of walking 7 miles a day around my neighborhood seems impossible.