Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Hello? Hello? Can You Hear Me???

Oh my goodness!  I actually got NINE hours of sleep.  Not continuously, but in total.  I have to say it's pretty amazing the punishment your body can take.  Today is the last full day, with half a day scheduled for tomorrow.  I'm even going to try and get off early!
We were down to 12 hotdogs and 85 buns.  Thank goodness they didn't go buy more dogs.  They DID buy jalapeños ... an entire gallon jar that was consumed in less than 5 hours.  

Once the "schools" were in and running wild, I ended up on the tractor.  There was a large 4-H group that should have a class in manners.  They were terrible, followed closely by a Christian Church group whose kids not only ran wild but caused trouble everywhere they went.  

We chased one kid around the Blasters net area, through the corn field and across the entire property before catching him.  He and his parents were ejected with much ceremony.  Remember when you thought you really didn't know how to raise kids?  Well those two STILL don't have a clue!
Shortly thereafter, I looked down at my walkie talkie.  We all carry them for many reasons, mostly to call for supplies.  This particular time, it looked kind of funny.  I discovered the back was completely gone and the battery was hanging out.  

The walkies are a pain in our sides.  Most of them don't work at all or the battery goes dead after a short amount of time.  I grabbed another one and headed back to the tractor.  

Five hours later ..... Could someone please give me a break on the tractor so I can eat lunch?  Nothing.  No response.  Hello!!  Tractor break please.  It was silent as I drove around and around.  Hello???  Hello???  Can you hear me???

The next round I ran to the snack bar, grabbed some chips since I had not eaten all day, and asked them to call for a driver.  Nothing.  By now I'm running back and forth working BOTH tractors and my radio STILL doesn't work.

Finally at 5:00 another driver snuck up on me and scared me to death!!  He's a funny kid ..... hahaha.  At long last I got lunch, then spent another 90 minutes in the snack shack making the last of the hot dogs.  Thank goodness THOSE are gone.
At 6:30 I limped to the ticket booth scanning the horizon for any food I might get my hands on.  I'm all for losing weight but my stomach is rebelling!!  With nothing else in sight, I grabbed a package of the horrible TRIO.  Three cookies that would make great frisbees.  Hard as a rock and taste like cardboard.  I just need to keep counting my money!!!

At long last I was home.  I fed the puppies and crashed on the couch.  The couch has become my favorite thing in the whole wide world.

Today we have only four schools with maybe 250 kids.  It's also the Ramp Of Doom Day.  I'd explain that, but I'm going to try and get in one more quick nap before work.


  1. Thank good ness you almost done, but then you will rest up a tiny bit and off you go again.

    1. A teeny tiny bit. I'm going to sleep every minute.

  2. Always nice to see the light at the end of the horizon.

    1. Yes it is Dave. As much as I love it, I really do need some rest.