Thursday, October 4, 2018

EMT Training Comes In Handy

It's certainly beautiful and quiet in the mornings.  Unfortunately it didn't last.

This place is kept immaculate by one girl named Ysennia.  She is constantly on the move picking up and cleaning, and it shows.  Every day people comment on how nice it looks.  It helps that there are tons of crushed almond hulls on the grounds, a great way to keep the dust down.
I arrived early yesterday to set up shop.  Since the big crowds won't start showing up for another week, we are on minimum crew, which is why I'm on double duty.  Aren't these the cutest cookies ever?  Perfect halloween decorations.  Tasty?  Not so much.  
Once the snack bar was set, I fed the goats (pictures to come) and headed back to the office to pick up the school bus schedule.  Only 300 kids on this day.  For the most part, the teachers have them well under control, but there's always a few who run around like crazy and don't follow orders.

I gathered together the first group of 150, placed armbands on 23 teachers and Chaperones, and shooed the parents off to the front gate to pay.  Originally everyone got in free, but of course the parents took advantage to the extreme, so now they have to pay $5.00.
Did I mention the puppets got hung up in customs on the Canadian border?  Two made it to Detroit (???), but the rest got locked up abroad.  Hopefully they will be there today.  In the meantime, Farmer Scott gives a Magic Oven talk about where food comes from.  There are no Chips Ahoy cookie bushes, nor any Fruit Loop trees.

In the middle of his presentation, I hear SCOTT - EMERGENCY - BARN!!  Uh oh ... I took off running.  As a dive instructor, I've had lots of EMT training over the years, plus to be honest, it just helps to be older with some common sense.  There was a little boy laying on a picnic table, not wanting to talk to anyone, mostly because they weren't asking the right questions.  Instead of what's wrong, you ask does your head hurt?  Does your stomach hurt?  Things that can be answered with yes or no.

I thought he was just overheated with such a heavy sweatshirt ... the humidity was probably 95% and it was HOT.  I got a cold rag for his forehead and neck.  He was lucid and responding to all my questions and his pulse and breathing rate were normal.  In no time the EMT ambulance arrived to check him out.  He was just fine and finished out the field trip.  

It was sweltering ... almost worse than Tucson's hottest day.  At noon the rain began to fall.  I sent the handyman off to get tarps to cover the hay ride hay bales.  If they get wet, there will be lots of wet butts ... not good in pumpkin land.  Soaked to the skin and looking like a drowned rat, we closed the place down.  YAY!!!  I get to rest up!!
What I REALLY did was make a beeline to Walmart for two cooked chickens.  Cooper was completely out of food.  I spent the afternoon cutting and packaging it up with my handy dandy food saver.  What a MESS!!  It sucked the juice out of the chicken and right out of the bag into the machine.  Yes there is a slot there, but the bags are not always lined up perfectly.  I didn't care.

At 7:00 I was asleep on the couch.  But WAIT!!  There's a baseball playoff game on!!  I was up again at 4:15 this morning ... ready to do it all over again.


  1. The EMT training does help I took some training courses years ago and can still remember most of it, Only need it once but was glad I knew what to do. Glad the boy was ok, the heat can sure get to people if they are not careful.

    1. I thought the heat affected all us old folks, but apparently it can hit the kids too.

  2. Good for you. Be careful or we'll be calling you Nurse Nancy. We might have to park close to you now that we know! :)