Monday, October 1, 2018

My Winning Streak Continues

Did you ever think you were an attractant ... like a magnet ... to crazy things happening?  That's me, and my winning streak continues.

Up early, I fed the critters and sat down for a marathon of Home Improvement.  I love Tim the Tool Man Taylor.  We have a lot in common ... a kind of camaraderie of crazy mishaps.

Time to head off to the big town of Chowchilla for another visit with my friend.  I jumped in the truck, hit the garage door switch and VOILA!!  The door opened.  That's always a plus.  Too bad when I tried to close it, it locked up tight.  What the heck?

I can't leave the door open as there are miscreants around here that would just love to clean me out.  No matter what switch I hit, the door would not budge.  I checked out the lights at the bottom ... you know the ones that keep little kids and dogs from being squished.  Nothing.

I did learn once, completely by accident, that if you pull the little orange handle, the door will close.  There will be a small earthquake when it hits the ground, but at least it will close.  I was a tad on the short side and couldn't reach.  I grabbed my handy dandy ladder.

I climbed up a couple of steps, positioning it close to the door so I could hold the handle and not drop the door like a rock.  I delicately pulled the handle on a string and SNAP ... it came loose.  I let it go very slowly until I ran out of arm.  Wait ... wait!!  I'm gripping the ladder with one hand and am stretched out like my well worn jeans with the other.  Uh oh.

Suddenly the ladder began to tip towards the door.   I tried to hold on tight in both directions, but it wasn't working.  I was precariously balanced between the door and the ladder.  The door was winning.  I finally had to let go of the handle.  The door landed with an earthquake CRASH!!!  Thankfully, nothing broke.  I left it and drove off.
After a nice visit with ten family members, three dogs and two cats, I promised to call this week, since I'll be working.  All the way home, I pondered my garage door problem.  Maybe I should check those little light things at the bottom again.  I was sweeping rather vigorously around them, trying to get rid of massive spider webs.

First off, I backed up to the door, then went inside on the ladder and tied a long rope to the orange handle.  Maybe I can pull it open.  Nope ... not going to work.  I climbed in the back of the truck and was finally able to raise the garage door all the way.  I heard the latch snap.  YAY!  At least it's open.  I pulled the truck inside so I could stand in the bed.
It seemed to be latched correctly.  I really didn't do anything but adjust the little lights at the bottom of the door.  I hit the switch.  NOTHING.  RATS!!  I walked over and hit the switch on the wall.  EUREKA!!  The door closed.  There's nothing like the sound of a working garage door.
That's where I left it.  I didn't dare try it again for fear it wouldn't work.  This morning when I head off to the Pumpkin Patch, I'll test my handiwork.  Keep your fingers crossed it opens and closes.  

It's the little things that make me happy nowadays ... like the lovely grinding sound of a garage door opener that works.


  1. You do have your problems at times , but nice that you were able to get your garage door operational again, hopefully it will work just fine for you now.

    1. How boring would life be without all the things going wrong!! LOL

  2. Sounds like a simple task of replacing the Batteries in the portable garage door button. They might have enough juice for one more signal.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your day at the Pumpkin Patch.

    It's about time.

  3. Yes, batteries on your remote... and 'next time', if there is one, put a couple of tightly folded up towels under where the door will hit, then pull them out after the door comes crashing down on them. THAT's "IF" you lose power and need out...otherwise, your wall switch should always work.

    1. Another good idea! Towels sure would have saved that crashing to the floor part!!!