Monday, October 29, 2018

Monday Monday .......

Boy am I glad THAT'S over with!  The last weekend of the pumpkin patch was a big success.  I arrived bright and early in order to miss the Parking Guard.  I'm happy to say it worked.  I was more than willing to get fired if I didn't get to park up front.  I got the very first space.

This being the last day, I expected to run out of everything at the Snack Bar ... and we did.  No more candy, hot chocolate, cream for your coffee, fruit snacks or cookies.  Unfortunately, we did not run out of hot dogs until around 5:00pm.

I made the mistake of answering the Boss truthfully when he asked me how we were doing.  He jumped in his truck and ran to the store for more hot dogs.  Ugh ... I don't care if I EVER see another one.

I spent the entire day on my feet making over 430 hot dogs.  He brought 48 more polish dogs which we used up before closing.  I can still smell them.  By the way, those Costco dogs can't be beat for taste and texture.
They bought a big machine that supposedly cooks the dogs on one side and keeps buns warm on the other.  It constantly tripped the GFI and quit, so we stuck with the tried and true turkey roaster.  I've no idea why it kept doing that, but every 30 minutes I had to crawl over hay and though the barn stanchions in order to reach the outlet box for a reset.

In utter contempt for the stupid machine, I turned off the hot dog side and used just the bun warmer.  It worked like a charm.

Too bad all the tables were too low.  By noon my back was killing me.  I probably looked pretty weird, but I positioned a tall bar stool in front of the fridge door and used the door handle as a back rub.  Eleven hours later we were done.  Thank the Lord for small favors.

Only two incidences happened all day.  One little boy cried because he dropped his hot dog, so we gave him another and when we ran out of jalapeños, one lady got a little snippy.  Otherwise, the line never had fewer than 20 people from 10:00 to closing at 7:00pm. 

The crew of girls are amazingly fast workers except for the one that worked with me.  She never could get out of first gear.  

Why the tennis balls you ask?  The Billyken Blaster air machines shoot tennis balls at a barn structure.  When they run out, SOMEONE has to go pick them all up.  Luckily, most roll into a pit in the middle.  It takes at least six people to gather up the rest.  It was a welcome little break in the action.

Only three more days, which shouldn't be too busy.  I've only got 200 kids coming in today and the snack bar should be a breeze since we are now short on soda too.  No worries ... we still have shaved ice and potato chips.  The perfect lunch combination in my book!!


  1. You want to use up the supplies before shutting down. Now that things are winding down.

    1. We are definitely doing that ... and that makes me happy!!

  2. Glad your back is recovering and the parking patrol slept in.
    Counting the days.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.